Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão - release date, loadout, gadgets, gameplay, R6 Y8S4 operator

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão's loadout, gadget, gameplay, and release date details have been revealed, and players can't wait to explore the R6 Y8S4 operator's abilities.

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R6 Tubarão, the new Portuguese Operator

Ubisoft has introduced the R6 Y8S4 update for Siege, named 'Operation Deep Freeze,' featuring the debut of Isaac "Tubarão" Nunes Oliviera, our newest Defence Operator.

In Ponta Delgada, Portugal, where he grew up, earthquakes and underwater explosions were commonplace. Tubarão was well-suited for WOLFGUARD since it instilled in him the values of community and mutual aid. He accepts responsibility for every life under his control, and his teammates will value the ZOTO CANISTER's potential to freeze people.

Tubarão, a Defender with a 2-speed, 2-health setup, comes equipped with adaptable weapons and gadgets suitable for roaming and anchoring. Tubarão's standout gadget is the 'Zoto Canister,' a throwable device designed to supercool anything within its working radius upon impact with a surface.

Let's get into the details of R6 Tubarão, the Y8S4 operator, his gadget, loadout, gameplay, and more.

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão gadget

In Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Deep Freeze, Tubarao debuted as a new operator from Ponta Delgada, Portugal. He's part of the Wolfguard group, alongside characters like Doc, Rook, Thunderbird, Twitch, and more.

Tubarao's primary gadget is the 'Zoto Canister,' a throwable device that adheres to surfaces, releasing a freezing gas. This gas deactivates gadgets, exposes footprints, and slows down enemy attacks. Tubarao's utility makes him an excellent choice to team up with defenders like Bandit and Pulse.

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão loadout

As a 2 Health, 2 Speed defender in Rainbow Six Y8S4, Tubarao's loadout in Operation Deep Freeze includes:

  • Primary Weapons: MPX, AR-15.50
  • Secondary Weapons: P226 MK 25
  • Primary Gadget: Zoto Canister (four in total)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Nitro Cell, Proximity Alarm
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Rainbow Six Siege Tubarao loadout

The Zoto Canister is a valuable tool for temporarily deactivating destructive gadgets, allowing defenders to slow down attacks and strategize for the remainder of the round. Tubarao's MPX submachine gun provides quick responses in engagements, while the AR-15.50 designated marksman rifle (DMR) delivers a heavy punch with .50 caliber rounds, offering versatility. 

With the P226 MK25 pistol as a sidearm and the option of a Nitro Cell or Proximity Alarm, Tubarao can tailor his approach to match the diverse applications of his unique gadget.

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão gameplay

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4, 'Operation Deep Freeze,' introduces the new operator Tubarão and the map 'Lair.' Tubarão, a Portuguese Defender, comes with the 'Zoto Canister,' a throwable device that supercools its radius, slowing down attackers and disabling gadgets.

Tubarão's gadget synergizes well with other gadget-denying Operators like Bandit, Kaid, or Mute. It is versatile for both roamer and anchor roles. The gadget supercools a designated area, hindering movement and disabling gadgets temporarily. It provides opportunities for defenders to destroy gadgets or harm operators. Despite not causing damage, the freezing effect hinders movement and reactivity, offering strategic advantages.

In combination with Bandit's gadget denial or a classic Bandit trick, Tubarão can instantly disable a Thermite hard breach or slow down a breach from Hibana or Ace. Defenders must be cautious when deploying gadgets within the frozen area, as they will also be affected. Nitro Cells are affected by this freezing effect, and Tubarão, along with his Nitro Cell-equipped allies, needs to anticipate enemy movements within the frozen area.

The freezing effect has strategic applications in vertical play, making footsteps visible from below, countering mechanical gadgets, and synergizing with trap Operators like Fenrir and Ela. Tubarão's roaming capabilities are highlighted as his gadget can disable claymores, apply flank pressure, and counter gadgets like Nomad's Airjab.

Ubisoft designed Tubarao for both anchor and roamer roles, offering distinct playstyles. As an anchor, his nitro cell and DMR combo, combined with gadget nullification, makes him formidable in locking down breaching opportunities. Tubarão's gadget helps roamers identify enemy footprints and facilitate hunts with the MPX.

Despite his versatility, Tubarão has counters. Maverick's blowtorch can bypass his freezing effect, and Zofia's explosive charge can destroy the canister. Additionally, Twitch and Zero can disable the canister with their gadgets. Tubarão is unlockable through the Premium Battle Pass at season launch and available two weeks later with Renown or R6 credits.

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Tubarao will be released on November 28th in Rainbow Six Siege.

On November 28, 2023, as part of Rainbow Six's Operation Deep Freeze, the electrifying presence of R6 Y8S4 operator Tubarao will be released. To ensure a refined and well-balanced addition to the game's roster, the Tubarão Defender will go through extensive testing on the TTS before his official release.

That's everything there is to know about R6 Tubarão's gameplay, gadgets, loadout, and other components to prepare players for Operation DEEP FREEZE.

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