Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 - release date and time, and everything coming in Operation Deep Freeze

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 release date and time along with all the details on everything that's coming in Operation Deep Freeze has been revealed.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 release date and time have been revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 concludes with Operation Deep Freeze, which adds a new operator, a new map, playlist adjustments, and more. R6 Operation Deep Freeze is scheduled to release on November 28, 2023, following the end of Operation Heavy Mettle on November 27.


UPDATE: 28/11/23

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Release Date Postponed

In a recent announcement, Ubisoft revealed that the release date of the Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 update, Operation Deep Freeze has been postponed for further testing, however, the new release window of the R6 Y8S4 patch has not been announced.


Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Release Date And Start Time

Operation Heavy Mettle ends its current season on November 27. The following season will debut on Tuesday. Rainbow 6's Operation Deep Freeze is its fourth and last season before Year 9 content takes control. Thus, November 28, 2023, will see the release of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze.

While Ubisoft gets ready for the next season's debut, servers will be down for about ninety minutes. The most recent update must be downloaded and installed by players during this time. The following is the Rainbow Six Seige Y8S4 release time schedule worldwide:

  • 5AM PT on November 28
  • 8AM ET on November 28
  • 1PM UTC on November 28
  • 1PM GMT on November 28

On Tuesday, November 28 at 1 PM UTC players will be able to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4: Operation Deep Freeze on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. But if you're keen on getting a sneak peek at the new Rainbow Six Siege updates like I am, you can dive into the live Rainbow Six test servers right now and give them a go.

Here's what to expect if you can't wait to see all the additional stuff that Y8S4: Operation Deep Freeze will bring to Rainbow Six Siege.

What can we expect from R6 Year 8 Season 4?

Portugal's Tubarão, a defender, will join Year 8 Season 4, also dubbed Operation Deep Freeze. Tubarão has the option between the MPX and AR-15.50 as his primary weapons and the P226 MK 25 as his secondary weapons. In terms of its unique gadget, the new Zoto Canister is a throwable object that has the capacity to slow down opponents, freeze gadgets to stop them from deploying and from being used, and even leave footprints in the case that a frozen region is trodden upon. 

The trading system will debut in beta first.

Lair, a brand-new map, will also be added during Operation Deep Freeze. When Operation Deep Freeze launches early next week, the updated map—which takes place inside Deimos' base of operations on the Portuguese coast—will be accessible in all playlists.

The new map's brief description was also released by Ubisoft. Because of its limited access points from the sea, the air, and underground tunnels, it is extremely adaptable and practically impossible to attack on a broader scale. Its expansive outside speaks to Deimos' style, with an eerie beauty that is both fascinating and unsettling. At the same time, its corridors and rooms are a monument to his traditional and advanced skills.

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Rainbow Six Operation Deep Freeze was revealed on November 14th.

Additionally, the new R6 Y8S4 update brings a Rainbow Six Siege x Street Fighter crossover. Players will get to dress up in the Ying and Grim Street Fighter character skins, transforming you into Chun-li and Ryu. Yes, they're bringing fists to a gunfight. Alongside the operator skins, these cosmetic bundles include weapon skins, charms, and operator portraits.

Additionally, a new Defender AI playlist—which offers circumstances similar to casual matches against AI bots—will replace Terrorist Hunt in Operation Deep Freeze. For Y8S4, Frag Grenades have been modified so that cooking is no longer possible. Now, like stun grenades, they will fuse two seconds after bouncing off a surface. These adapted grenades have been given to operators like IQ, Lion, Sens, Osa, and Blackbeard. The modification attempts to lessen their effectiveness as main utility items.

That is everything there is to know about Rainbow Six Siege's new Operation Deep Freeze. Even though there is still some time before R6 Y8S4's release, all these new elements keep on increasing fans' excitement.

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