Avowed - release date, platforms, storyline, gameplay, and latest news

Avowed release date might be announced at Xbox Developer Direct 2024, or we will get to see more of its gameplay and story details, with some latest updates.

Avowed, Avowed game, Avowed release date, Avowed platforms, Avowed storyline, Avowed gameplay, latest news on Avowed, Avowed announcement
Avowed release date might be announced at Xbox Developer Direct 2024

Avowed, the latest creation from Obsidian Entertainment, has gamers on the edge of their seats since its announcement in 2020. Set in the enchanting universe of Eora, taking inspiration from Pillars of Eternity, this RPG promises to deliver the magic that made Obsidian's previous titles legendary. They are the developers behind many of the truly fascinating titles that players enjoy today. These include Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol among others.

While the excitement is palpable, a concrete release date for Avowed in 2024 is yet to be unveiled. Here is all the information about Avowed that the internet has given us till now.


UPDATE: 23/01/24

Avowed Extended Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The directors of Avowed have provided an in-depth look at the game's gameplay in a 25-minute video. 

Game director Carrie Patel and gameplay director Gabe Paramo discuss various game mechanics, emphasizing Obsidian's player-centric approach to roleplay. Topics covered include combat and weapon loadouts, crowd control, elemental damage, branching dialogues, and companions. 

The video explores the Shatterscarp area, highlighting that some quests are entirely discoverable and missable. The directors expressed their commitment to providing players with opportunities to define their experience in the game world.


UPDATE: 18/01/24

Avowed Gameplay Details Revealed

Obsidian Entertainment showcased its upcoming open-world fantasy RPG, Avowed, during the Xbox Developer_Direct for 2024, and the game is set in the Pillars of Eternity universe and offers a first-person adventure. 

The presentation revealed vibrant environments in the Living Lands, displaying diverse biomes and enemies. Avowed's combat system emphasizes dynamism, allowing players to swiftly switch between various weapons and abilities, including magic, melee weapons, and ranged weapons. The ability to dual-wield adds flexibility. Defensive options like parrying are also featured. 

The presentation provided a glimpse of the quest gameplay, highlighting player choices in responding to events and interacting with NPCs, but details about the campaign were limited.

Avowed will be available for Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S in the fall of 2024. Additionally, it will launch on the first day for PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Avowed Release Date 

Avowed's official release date is unknown, although given Obsidian's past release schedule, it could happen in the spring or fall. Additionally, based on Obsidian's release schedule and relationship with Xbox Game Studios, it seems probable that Avowed will launch in September or October of 2024.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Obsidian Entertainment and Avowed will be present at the Xbox Developer Direct on January 18. This could be the most significant event in the project's history and we might get a release date.

Avowed, Avowed game, Avowed release date, Avowed platforms, Avowed storyline, Avowed gameplay, latest news on Avowed, Avowed announcement

Now, although it is anticipated that Avowed's release date will be disclosed during the Xbox Developer Direct, it is also possible that Avowed will finally go into more detail about its RPG features during the presentation, as its gameplay reveal trailer for 2023 only provided a synopsis of its main fighting system. However, none of this has been formally confirmed in any way.

Avowed Platforms: Exclusive for Xbox Series X and PC

Microsoft's acquisition of Obsidian in 2018 has influenced the game's platform release strategy. Avowed, following in the footsteps of titles like Grounded, will be an Xbox Series X and PC exclusive, accessible via Steam and the Xbox app. The move aligns with Microsoft's trend of making their acquired studios' games exclusive to Xbox platforms.

Also, Avowed will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has officially confirmed that Avowed will be available on Xbox Game Pass. This move doesn't come as a surprise, given Microsoft's commitment to offering first and second-party titles on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Avowed's storyline and narrative

Avowed sets the stage for a gripping tale. Players take the role of a formidable mage sent to the Living Lands to uncover the origins of a plaguing corruption. The narrative unfolds through interactions with a variety of characters, each of whom harbors suspicions about the player. They have two options- to earn trust or embrace a darker path.

Avowed, Avowed game, Avowed release date, Avowed platforms, Avowed storyline, Avowed gameplay, latest news on Avowed, Avowed announcement

Players find themselves in the captivating world of Eora. This is the same universe that Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2, the spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate, take place in. Avowed offers the freedom to shape one's destiny and morality within the game's comprehensive storyline.

Avowed gameplay - A unique approach

Avowed’s gameplay is very different from the traditional style of the isometric RPG commonly associated with Pillars of Eternity. The game offers a first and third-person RPG vantage point, similar to titles such as Skyrim. The flexibility in offering choices is Obsidian’s hallmark and continues to stand out in this title as well. 

Players go through the game together with many companions. The way they take their character forward and the friendships they forge directly affect the unfolding story. Players have the ability to follow their hearts' desires and go upon whichever path suits them best - be it a good path or a dark path. This can allow the gamer not only to combine weapons, for example, swords and guns but also several spells.

As seen in previews, Avowed’s mechanics bear a resemblance to The Outer World. However, the fantasy setting of the Pillars of Eternity universe brings a differentiation that is highly immersive.

Well, Avowed spearheads a lot of new gaming styles and techniques, and at the same time, seems to take the lead in it. Not only are the narrative, storytelling, and characters deeply complex, but the graphics, visuals, and cinematography are top-of-the-line. When the title finally releases, it will take the gaming community by storm.

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