Valorant Emberclad skin bundle - first look, weapon skins, variants, price, release date

The upcoming Valorant Emberclad skin bundle has been leaked, and we've gathered all the details available about this exciting new collection.

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Valorant Emberclad skin bundle

Valorant consistently introduces new skin bundles with almost every patch release. In the recent 8.00 patch, the Kuronami skin bundle made its debut. Though there were some critical comments made about the bundle initially, the majority of the community appeared to have had a change of heart. Now, leaks have surfaced, unveiling the Valorant Emberclad skin bundle, a new collection likely inspired by Elderflame and Reaver. Expected to feature five weapons, including a War Hammer melee, here's what we currently know about the visuals, pricing, release date, and more for the Emberclad skin collection in Valorant.

Valorant Emberclad Skin Bundle

Courtesy of VALORANT leaker Shiick, we have our first glimpse of the upcoming Emberclad skin bundle. While it doesn't have anything particularly exceptional, the color contrast is likely to attract many players. The black metallic weapons have an interesting look thanks to their tiny spikes and burning hot ember effects. Moreover, these mysterious textures and spikes of the Emberclad skins seem to be inspired by the Daedric Armor from Skyrim.

The Valorant Emberclad bundle is said to have the following weapon skins, according to leaks:

  • Emberclad Melee War Hammer
  • Emberclad Frenzy
  • Emberclad Phantom
  • Emberclad Bulldog
  • Emberclad Spectre

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Emberclad looks like it will be a visual and auditory treat. Blowing out enemies could have blazing effects and sound effects may be heard during kill inspection or scoring.

Unfortunately, no information on other color variants or upgrades has been leaked.

Valorant Emberclad Playercards and Sprays:

Additionally, the bundle offers Player Cards and Sprays, maintaining the tradition of including these extras in every skin line. However, we are yet to get details on this part.

Valorant Emberclad Skin Bundle Price:

While it remains unconfirmed whether it's a Deluxe or Premium Edition bundle, initial impressions suggest the Valorant Emberclad bundle is a Deluxe Edition bundle. If Emberclad falls into the Deluxe Edition category, the complete bundle is anticipated to cost 5100 VP.  You will need to pay 1275 VP for each weapon skin and 2550 VP for the melee if you want to purchase the weapons separately.

As a premium collection, Emberclad skins are likely to be priced at around 1775 VP per weapon with the melee potentially exceeding 3550 VP based on pricing trends. The entire bundle is expected to be priced at approximately 7100 VP or $82.

Valorant Emberclad Skin Bundle Release Date:

Emberclad's official release date has not yet been disclosed. However, the skin bundle is expected to launch alongside the 8.02 patch, anticipated to go live on January 30, 2024.

Overall, the Emberclad bundle, which combines components from several of Valorant's most well-liked skin lines, appears to offer a new, dark, and stylish approach. The inclusion of glow effects, intricate models, and distinctive sounds positions Emberclad as a standout collection.

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