Best XDefiant M4A1 Loadout - attachments, alternatives, more

Looking for the best XDefiant M4A1 loadout to have a smooth beginning, we got you covered.

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Best XDefiant M4A1 Loadout

As you start playing XDefiant, you need to be ready for intense action. This means picking the best guns and loadout. The M4A1 is the first weapon you get in XDefiant, but that doesn't mean it's not powerful. For Assault Rifles, the M4A1 is a great choice and will likely become your favorite because it's so versatile. So, if you want a good all-around gun for XDefiant, here are the best XDefiant M4A1 loadouts and alternatives.

Best XDefiant M4A1 Loadout

The M4 is great for hitting enemies at medium to long distances, so our best XDefiant M4A1 loadout focuses on controlling recoil to keep your shots on target. Here's what we recommend:

  1. Recon Barrel: This helps you see more on the minimap, giving you a better idea of what's happening around you.
  2. Tactical Front Rail: This improves recoil recovery and makes aiming down sights (ADS) faster, keeping your shots steady and quick.
  3. Reflex Optic: Although the M4A1’s iron sight is good, the Reflex Optic adds extra accuracy.
  4. Grip Tape: This reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil.
  5. Padded Stock: This adds stability and reduces flinch, making your shots more stable.

With this setup, the M4A1 stays very accurate without losing much speed or mobility when aiming.

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How to unlock XDefiant M4A1?

The M4A1 is automatically unlocked on XDefiant as soon as you start playing. There are no prerequisites to get it. To unlock the attachments for M4A1, you must level up your assault rifle. You will unlock all available M4A1 attachments once you reach weapon level 45.

Best Alternatives for XDefiant M4A1

If the M4A1 isn’t quite cutting it for you in XDefiant, here are a couple of great alternatives:

  1. ACR 6.8: This is another all-round Assault Rifle with very few weaknesses.
  2. AK-47: While it lacks in the mobility department, the AK-47 has more than enough firepower to dominate XDefiant. It can be a powerful choice if you’re comfortable with its handling.

Well, the M4A1 is a reliable assault rifle and works well in almost any fight in the game. However, do keep in mind that the best weapons in XDefiant can vary based on your personal playstyle and the specific situation in the game. Try out different weapons and find the one that suits you the best.

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