Best XDefiant ACR 6.8 Loadout - attachments, alternatives, more

Best XDefiant ACR 6.8 loadout can help you have the upper hand at the beginning of the game, and hence we have made a guide for you.

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Best XDefiant ACR 6.8 Loadout

XDefiant has a wide range of weapons you can use in battle, including assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns. One of the top choices right now is the ACR 6.8 assault rifle. You can get this weapon early in the game, and it's powerful with few drawbacks if you use the right attachments and secondary weapons.

Here's a simple guide on the best XDefiant ACR 6.8 loadout, including its attachments, how to unlock it, and some alternatives.

Best XDefiant ACR 6.8 Loadout

The best XDefiant ACR 6.8 loadout involves a combination of attachments that enhance its performance and make it a formidable weapon on the battlefield. Here’s a rundown of the recommended attachments:

  • Barrel: Stabilizing
  • Front Rail: Tactical
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Rear Grip: Grip Tape
  • Stock: Padded

This ACR 6.8 loadout is for controlling recoil, so you can dominate medium to long-range fights. It’s still fast enough to compete with SMGs up close if needed.

We use the Stabilizing Barrel to control both vertical and horizontal recoil, and the Grip Tape Rear Grip to make it even better. To make sure these don’t slow down the aiming speed too much, we added the Tactical Front Rail, which also helps with recoil recovery. Then, the Padded Stock reduces flinch and weapon sway and the Reflex red dot sight gives a clear and accurate view.

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How to unlock XDefiant ACR 6.8?

Unlocking the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant involves completing a specific in-game challenge, falling under the Weapons challenges category, found under the Base tab.

The specific requirement for unlocking the ACR 6.8 is to get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills. Longshot kills are considered anything from a distance of 30m or greater. To achieve this, you can use any of the assault rifles that you have already unlocked, or you can use the starter M4A1. The idea is to set up in the backlines of the battle and fire away. Once you manage to get 10 kills from a good distance, the ACR 6.8 will be unlocked

However, getting these longshot kills might seem like a daunting task, especially if you want to unlock the ACR 6.8 right away. You might find it challenging without any attachments on the M4A1 or other assault rifles. Therefore, leveling up the M4A1 by simply getting kills with it in XDefiant multiplayer can be a good strategy.

Best Alternatives for XDefiant ACR 6.8

If you’re looking for alternatives to the ACR 6.8 in XDefiant, there are a few options that stand out:

  1. M4A1: The M4A1 is a classic assault rifle that is a good alternative to the ACR 6.8. It boasts less firepower than the ACR 6.8, but it offers a little more mobility and accuracy.
  2. AK-47: The AK-47 is another excellent alternative. It has higher firepower than the ACR 6.8, but it lacks in the mobility department. However, its high damage output makes it a formidable weapon, especially in close to mid-range combat.
  3. D50: The D50 is a powerful sidearm that can be a great alternative. It can be a reliable backup when your primary weapon runs out of ammo or when you need to quickly switch to another weapon in close-quarters combat.
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That is all that we have on our best XDefiant ACR 6.8 loadout guide. Do keep in mind that the post is based on the writer's preference, and you can explore your own attachments as well.

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