Best XDefiant Phantoms Loadouts - Top Choices for Sniper, Marksman, Assault Rifle, and SMG

Looking for the best XDefiant Phantoms loadouts? We have got you covered with the top choices for sniper, marksman, assault rifle, and SMG. 

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Best XDefiant Phantoms Loadouts - Top Choices for Sniper, Marksman, Assault Rifle, and SMG

XDefiant has lots of factions, each with its own style of play. If you like being tough and soaking up damage, the Phantoms are your go-to.

When you pick the Phantoms in XDefiant, you've got a big job on your hands. They're the only group that shields you when you're capturing or pushing an objective. The Phantoms are like a secret force fighting Ghost Recon in the future.

They're hard to take down, and their moves help them stay strong. Plus, their special move gives them a mobile shield to push back enemies. With the right gear, they're unstoppable in a one-on-one fight. Here are some of the best XDefiant Phantoms loadouts to make them even stronger.

Best XDefiant Phantoms Loadouts

Sniper Rifle Loadout

  • Ability: Mag Barrier
  • Primary Weapon: Tac-50 (with attachments focusing on Firepower and Accuracy)
  • Sidearm: 93R
  • Device: Proximity Mine

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The Sniper Rifle Loadout is a top pick for gamers who like playing as the XDefiant Phantoms. It focuses on the Tac-50, a super-strong sniper rifle great for long-distance fights. With the right add-ons, it's even deadlier, offering high accuracy and firepower. Plus, Phantoms gets a special ability called Mag Barrier for extra defense, so you can focus on taking perfect shots without stressing about getting hit.

The 93R sidearm goes well with the Tac-50 for when you need to fight up close. Also, with the Proximity Mine gadget, you can protect yourself better, keeping enemies away. This combo of a strong long-distance weapon and something for close combat makes the Sniper Rifle Loadout good for Phantom players.

Marksman Loadout

  • Ability: Mag Barrier
  • Primary Weapon: SVD (with attachments to raise Firepower and Accuracy)
  • Sidearm: 93R

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The Marksman Loadout is another excellent choice for the XDefiant Phantoms Faction. This loadout features the SVD, a semi-automatic sniper rifle known for its balance between firepower and accuracy.

When you add attachments that make it even better at hitting targets from far away, the SVD becomes super useful for shooting enemies at medium to long distances. Plus, with the Mag Barrier ability, which is unique to the Phantoms, you can put up a shield to protect yourself while you aim and shoot, so you're not as vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The 93R sidearm is great to pair with the SVD. It lets you shoot fast when enemies are nearby, so you're not defenseless in close fights. This Marksman Loadout suits players who like a mix of accuracy and flexibility.

Assault Rifle Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: ACR 6.8
  • Sidearm: D50
  • Device: Frag Grenade
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The Assault Rifle Loadout is a solid choice for the XDefiant Phantoms Faction. This loadout is built around the ACR 6.8, an assault rifle that is well-regarded for its versatility and reliability in various combat situations, both close and medium ranges.

The D50 sidearm is great for when you're up close and need a strong backup, especially if the ACR isn't cutting it. And with the Frag Grenade, you can blow things up for this Assault Rifle Loadout, which is handy for getting rid of enemies hiding behind stuff or hurting a bunch of them at once.

SMG Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: MP7
  • Sidearm: D50
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Finally, the SMG Loadout is a great choice for the XDefiant Phantoms Faction. It uses the MP7, a submachine gun that shoots very fast and lets you move quickly. The MP7 is perfect for fighting in small, tight spaces, letting you take out enemies quickly. Its fast firing can overpower opponents, giving you an advantage in quick fights.

The D50 sidearm is a strong backup weapon. It deals a lot of damage and is useful when the MP7's fast shooting isn't enough. This SMG Loadout is ideal for players who like to play fast and aggressively.

All in all, the XDefiant Phantoms Faction lets you play in different ways, each with its own good and bad points. Choosing the right gear can make you much stronger in battle. Whether you prefer sniping from far away, fighting up close, or keeping enemies at bay on the front lines, it’s important to be flexible and adjust to the game’s flow to win.

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