Honkai Star Rail Yunli Materials: All ascension and trace mats

Details about Honkai Star Rail’s Yunli ascension and trace materials have emerged from recent 2.4 leaks.

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Honkai Star Rail Yunli Materials: All ascension and trace mats

Yunli is a 5-star Physical character on the Path of Destruction was recently highlighted in HoYoverse's marketing campaign. She’s expected to be a playable character in Honkai Star Rail Version 2.4. While most of her abilities remain a mystery, leaks suggest she has a Technique that protects characters from one incoming enemy attack. Additionally, her powerful follow-up attack is predicted to be her main source of damage.

As anticipation grows for her release, new leaks for HSR 2.4 have provided insights into the Yunli's materials required for ascension and traces. Here are all the necessary materials:

Honkai Star Rail Yunli materials

Yunli is expected to have a major part, as was previously indicated. We first learned about Yunli—or rather, read about it—during the Version 2.1 anniversary board game event. Now, leaks have made available the HSR Yunli ascension and trace materials that are required in the game:

  • 56x Dream Collection Component
  • 71x Dream Flow Valve
  • 73x Dream Making Engine
  • 65x IPC Work Permit
  • 18x Borisin Teeth
  • 69x Lupitoxin Sawteeth
  • 139x Moon Madness Fang
  • 12x Lost Echo of the Shared Wish
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 Honkai Star Rail Yunli Ascension Mats:

These Yunli Ascension materials are necessary to enhance her health, defense, and attack effectiveness, allowing her to reach Level 80. So the required Yunli mats are:

  • x15 Dream Making Engine
  • x15 Dream Flow Valve
  • x15 Dream Collection Component
  • x65 IPC Work Permit
  • 887,800 Credits
  • 289 Traveler's Guide
  • 3 Adventure Log
  • 3 Travel Encounters

Honkai Star Rail Yunli Trace Mats:

To upgrade the character's attacks and passive abilities, the following Yunli trace mats are needed:

  • Tracks of Destiny x8
  • Lost Echo of the Shared Wish x12
  • Dream Making Engine x41
  • Dream Flow Valve x56
  • Dream Collection Component x58
  • Moon Madness Fang x18
  • Lupitoxin Sawteeth x69
  • Borisin Teeth x139
  • Credits x2,197,500
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Where and how to farm all HSR Yunli materials?

To maximize Yunli’s potential, knowing where to farm her materials is crucial. Here’s where you can find each ascension and trace level-up Yunli mats:

Dream Collection Component:

  • Dropped by the Dreamjolt Troupe, Simulated Universe, Synthesizer, Embers Exchange Store, and Assignment Rewards.

Dream Flow Valve:

  • Obtained from the Dreamjolt Troupe at Equilibrium Level 2 or higher, Simulated Universe enemies, Assignments, and through the Omni-Synthesizer.

Dream Making Engine:

  • Available from the Dreamjolt Troupe at Equilibrium Level 4 or higher, Simulated Universe enemies, Assignments, and through the Omni-Synthesizer.

IPC Work Permit:

  • Earned by completing the Shape of Duty: Stagnant Shadow.

Borisin Teeth, Lupitoxin Sawteeth, Moon Madness Fang:

  • Found by defeating enemy waves in the Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Destruction - Scalegorge Waterscape.

Lost Echo of the Shared Wish:

  • Obtained by completing the Salutations of Ashen Dreams: Echo of War.


  • Essential in-game resources earned through various activities:
    • Completing daily assignments and quests
    • Spending energy on golden calixes or credit farming areas
    • Collecting chests and destructibles in open-world battles
    • Progressing in the Simulated Universe for weekly rewards

Tracks of Destiny:

  • Can be acquired from:
    • Limited-Time Event Rewards
    • Embers Exchange Store
    • Simulated Universe
    • Nameless Honor
    • Defeating Elite enemies in the Simulated Universe
    • Reaching certain levels in the Nameless Honor Battle Pass

Well, Yunli is poised to be a strong addition to Honkai Star Rail as a 5-star Physical character following the Path of Destruction. Her Technique offers protective benefits to allies, and her main damage source will be her powerful follow-up attacks. Players should prepare by saving up necessary materials and credits to ensure Yunli’s effective build and performance upon her release.


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