League of Legends Aurora - new Vastayan mage, abilities, gameplay, splash art, release date

The LoL Aurora abilities and gameplay model have been released, giving players an idea of ​​what to expect from the new Vastayan bunny champion in terms of gameplay.

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League of Legends Aurora - new Vastayan mage

Riot has finally released their new champion, Aurora, the new Vastayan bunny, after repeatedly teasing the champion with things like the client Hearth-Home experience. Although LoL patch 14.14 is the official release window of the new champion, some fresh information has surfaced regarding Aurora's abilities and appearance, and here we will take a closer look at all that.

Who is Aurora in LoL?

Aurora is a Vastaya from the Freljord, distinguished by her rabbit-like features. She is autistic, but Runeterra has no term for it, so she's simply seen as unique. She has the ability to see the spirit realm and can hop in and out of it when uncomfortable.

Later on, according to her lore, Aurora discovered a feral elk spirit and desired to tame it. After a while, this brought her in contact with Ornn and Udyr, two current champions who guided her in her journey.

League of Legends Aurora Splash Art and Character Design

The community has shown great excitement for Aurora's splash art.

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In contrast to some of the other assassins or marksmen that make up that race in League's roster, Aurora plays the role of trickster mage. The Vastaya champion resembles a human with rabbit ears, much like other Vastaya characters who combine humanoid and animalistic traits to create different looks.

She is visually appealing with her large glasses, red hair, freckles, and large witch hat, all of which are channeling those slightly hipster autumnal feelings.

League of Legends Aurora Abilities

Aurora is designed as a solo lane skirmisher mage, suitable for mid and top lanes. Here are her abilities:

LoL Aurora Passive – Spirit Abjuration:

  • If Aurora damages an enemy 3 times with her spells and attacks, she will deal magic damage, exorcise a spirit from the enemy, and enter Spirit Mode for a few seconds.
  • Aurora gains movement speed while in Spirit Mode.
  • Spirits following Aurora grant her additional movement speed and heal her over the duration.

LoL Aurora Q – Twofold Hex: 

  • Cast: Fire a blast of cursed energy in a direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and marking them with spirit energy.
  • Recast: End the curse, drawing back the spirit energy to herself, dealing magic damage to enemies passed through. Damage is increased by missing HP.

LoL Aurora W – Across the Veil:

  • Hop in a direction. Upon landing, enter the spirit realm, briefly becoming Invisible and entering Spirit Mode for several seconds.
  • Takedowns on enemy champions reset the cooldown of this ability.

LoL Aurora E – The Weirding:

  • Cast: Send out a blast of spirit magic, dealing magic damage in an area and slowing them.
  • Aurora will hop backwards slightly on cast.

LoL Aurora R – Between Worlds:

  • Cast: Hop forward and, upon landing, send out a pulse of spirit energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies.
  • Aurora leaps in a direction of her choosing, releasing a shockwave that damages and slows any enemies it hits. Afterward, she creates an area that traps enemies within it and allows Aurora to teleport from one side of the area to the other.
  • Recast: Dismiss the zone early
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League of Legends Aurora Gameplay

Aurora’s gameplay appears to combine elements from champions like Twitch, Ahri, Camille, and Xayah. Her abilities give magic damage both on hit and on return when recast, she can become invisible, and her ultimate creates a cage-like region in which she can leap from wall to wall.

Although it appears that she will be joining the mid-lane casters, she might also be useful in a support or jungle role. Her primary focus is on dealing magic damage, but she may also move more quickly and become invisible to sneak up on an enemy or ambush them.

Her Q ability shoots a straight line, hitting everything it passes through, unlike typical stopping projectiles. Her W and E provide repositioning tools to optimize Q’s recall or outmaneuver opponents, similar to Neeko’s clone. The E ability inflicts significant damage, and the slight backward hop synergizes well with her ultimate.

Aurora’s ultimate can quickly damage, slow, and push enemies, but missing the initial strike poses a risk. Her straightforward abilities make her an easy champion to play, although her trickster style can be challenging for opponents.

League of Legends Aurora Release Date

On Wednesday, July 17, Aurora, along with Patch 14.14, will be made available in League. Players can test out her new skills on the League public beta testing server for free until she becomes accessible in all game types.

As League of Legends’ second champion of 2024, Aurora brings diversity in both character and abilities, promising to add a unique flair to Summoner’s Rift. And, now, it will be fascinating to see what the new solo lane skirmisher mage has to offer in terms of gameplay.

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