Amouranth Revealed Her Last Month's Earnings

Amouranth, the famous Twitch streamer revealed the stunning measure of money she made in a month. 

Amouranth income
Amouranth Monthly Income is around $1.1 million

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa would definitely come as the champ if Twitch ever held a popularity challenge. Amouranth can beat every popular streamer like Shroud, Ninja, and xQc in this contest. 

Amouranth, who is currently an ASMR streamer earlier used to do hot tub streaming has effectively sacked the title of the most famous female streamer on Twitch.

The watching numbers of this streamer keep on developing at a quick rate, increasing her popularity even more with each passing day.

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The content provided by Amouranth in her streams has always been controversial which even resulted in a Twitch ban for her, however, Amouranth is still very sure and confident about her future. 

Recently, Amouranth uncovered the stunning measure of money she made in a month, and the amount of money she made is no joke.

Fans consistently raise questions like "how much is Amouranth net worth" or "is Amouranth a millionaire". So, Amouranth, the famous Twitch streamer, at long last answered this question on the new H3H3 (podcast) digital broadcast and told the crowd that the earlier month was the best in her profession. 

She stated that the last month was the most elevated month ever for her. She said, "I made $1.1 million last month", clearly meaning that Amouranth indeed is a millionaire.

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The total net worth of Amouranth would definitely be much more than the amount ($1.1 million) she made in a month as the 27-year-old, Amouranth has been streaming for quite a while.

After the revelation made by Amouranth, H3H3 said that she is earning a huge amount of money, just like what Trainwreckstv made in a month, and that too without doing anything shady. 

This was an immediate hit made on Trainwreckstv, who has been betting on Twitch, purportedly making his crowd lose cash on betting sites to procure a fat paycheck. 

Numerous Twitch streamer believes that Amouranth is accomplishing something obscure by abusing the provisos on Twitch. However, Amouranth made a move to get down on her haters and answered that the subject is absolutely easy to refute. 

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Despite the methods and ways of her streaming, whatever Amouranth is doing has without a doubt been working for her, as in the midst of all the criticism and an unexpected three-day Twitch ban, she made a staggering amount of $1.1 million last month.

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