Valorant Zedd Spectrum Skins Bundle Revealed Officially

Valorant Zedd Spectrum skin bundle has finally been revealed by Riot Games, having some interesting elements inside it.

Valorant Zedd Spectrum skin
Valorant x Zedd Spectrum skin revealed

Recently, Riot Games revealed a new and dazzling Valorant map - Fracture in the Episode 3 Act 2 update and there are numerous rumors going around about the next Valorant Agent Deadeye.

Moreover, players are additionally anticipating the next weapon skins bundle as currently, the in-game store has Recon skins as the most recent skin, which will soon be replaced with new skins.

However, now Riot has affirmed and revealed the next Valorant x Zedd Spectrum skins bundle, which includes some fascinating items for the players.

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Valorant x Zedd Spectrum skins bundle

A couple of days back, Valorant gave players the Recon skins bundle which was inspired by the military, and everybody cherished it a lot. However, it's nearly an ideal opportunity for the players to explore the new Zedd Spectrum skins bundle.

Valorant Zedd Spectrum weapon skins
Valorant Zedd Spectrum weapon skins

Zedd aka Anton Zaslavski is a well-known Russian DJ, lyricist, and producer who has released some astounding tracks, including Happy Now, Stay, The Middle, and much more. And players were already aware that the devs were working on the new Valorant x Zedd weapon skins bundle. 

The players have been waiting for quite a while for Riot to reveal the Zedd skins bundle since he was first teased long back in the Year One anthem video. Yesterday the devs revealed that they will be unveiling some great on the 7th of September 2021 at 8 AM PDT.

And now the Riot has revealed the upcoming Zedd Valorant Spectrum skins bundle. The announcement was made today, where the devs revealed that the following weapons will be added to the Zedd Valorant Spectrum skins bundle: 

  1. Bulldog
  2. Classic
  3. Guardian
  4. Phantom
  5. WAVEFORM (melee)

Zedd and Riot have released an entire record of skins that will incorporate nine things bundled in the Zedd Spectrum bundle. There will be five weapons that will get the Spectrum treatment, and each evolving level will switch the sound design and visual effects of the skins.

Luckily, the new Valorant Zedd Spectrum skins have inconceivable animation, which has brought a lot of excitement among the fans as Valorant Recon skins that are currently available to the players does not have any VFX or kill animation. 

Moreover, a brief look at the new Valorant Zedd Spectrum skins has also been shared on YouTube by HitScan, revealing the items included in Valorant Zedd Spectrum weapon skins.

Valorant Zedd Spectrum skins release date and price

Wednesday, 8th of September 2021 can be the possible Valorant Zedd Spectrum skins release date as the game will get the Episode 3 Act 2 update on the same day. 

Thus, any reasonable person would agree that the in-game store will be updated with Zedd Spectrum skins tomorrow. Additionally, as far as Valorant Zedd Spectrum skins prices are concerned, players will be able to purchase the full bundle at 10,700 VP.

Valorant Zedd Spectrum bundle is a somewhat expensive venture as having the XE Tier, which is Exclusive Edition, will cost players 10,700 VP. Nonetheless, the Zedd bundle does likewise incorporate some other skins as well. 

  1. Zedd Gun Buddy 
  2. Spectrum Gun Buddy 
  3. Spectrum Spray 
  4. Spectrum Card 

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