The Lead Quest Designer from Witcher 3 is joining Riot for upcoming League of Legends’ MMO

The upcoming League of Legends MMORPG from Riot Games will have Witcher 3's "Lead Quest Designer" as one of its developers.

League of Legends MMORPG
League of Legends MMORPG

Riot Games declared long back that soon they will be working on a new MMORPG title that will be set inside the League of Legends universe. 

And soon the studio formally reported on Twitter that they are have started recruiting individuals for the same, and anybody who has an interest in the new MMORPG should get in touch with them. However, Riot did not mention any specific date for the release. 

Nonetheless, Riot did reveal that the recruiting process would proceed as the development advances in the months to come. 

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And now it appears that Riot Games has begun working on the League of Legends MMORPG as they are employing the Lead Quest Designer from Witcher 3Mateusz Tomaskiewicz to develop their most recent MMORPG. 

This piece of information should definitely excite the League of Legends fanbase as Witcher 3 is one of the best titles that has been released so far. 

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The hiring of the "Lead Quest Designer" of Witcher 3 shows Riot's devotion towards making an incredible League of Legends MMORPG game set in LoL Universe.

There is no doubt to the fact that MMORPG games are more exciting and enjoyable as they have narrative-driven progression and immersive world design and indeed League of Legends is a great fit for it as the game has well-developed lore to it. 

Even though Riot Games took more than ten years to work on a League of Legends MMORPG game, yet with its dedication, it is pretty clear that the developers are preparing to surprise the fans with something very interesting and exciting. 

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CD Projekt RED has lost several great developers when Cyberpunk 2077 got flopped. With Cyberpunk 2077 being a flop, a group of individuals who made Witcher 3 didn't have any desire to work for CD Projekt RED any longer, as the work pressure was extraordinary. 

In any case, this has come as great news for other studios as they will be getting some great and experienced individuals on their team. The Lead Quest Designer for Witcher 3, Mateusz Tomaskiewicz, will join Riot Games, and that implies fans can anticipate a ton of quality content.

Fans can be hopeful that the upcoming League of Legends' MMORPG will have great quests as the quests from Witcher 3 were splendid, its synchronization with the narrative helped the game get such a huge success. 

As Riot is yet to announce more details about the League of Legends' MMORPG, fans can enjoy the current games and LoL players can look forward to the upcoming League of Legends patch 11.19.

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  1. Bruh riot games is as trash as epic games. Stunned and insanely disappointed in this guy for joining a predatory company. Clearly another scumbag in it only for the money, desecrating the spirit of gaming. CD Project is god tier, all the haters can gtfo, rather see them make an mmo xD

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