GTA 6 reveal reportedly coming in November

GTA 6 will probably be announced in the month of November or December, as per the latest rumor.

GTA 6 release date
GTA 6 reveal date might have been leaked

Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for quite a while for the Rockstar Games to reveal some news for GTA 6 and if the game is under development or all the theories coming out in regards to GTA 6 are baseless.

However, Rockstar has maintained its silence well and has not made any comment about it. Yet, a new rumor has been making rounds that maybe Rockstar is finally ready to do the GTA 6 reveal. 

The fans of GTA have continuously been digging up data to get some information about the game, and now a post on the Instagram news page ThatsSoBold has given a new ray of hope to them.

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GTA 6 Reveal Date

The mentioned Insta post claims that Rockstar will make an announcement regarding GTA 6 somewhere between November and December.

As per the description in the post, "GTA 6 will be Announced Nov-Dec & Will Take Place in Miami Featuring Hurricanes, Gators, and MORE!"

However, The city of "Miami" has been mentioned here instead of its game substitute of Vice City. But, Vice City has for quite some time been reputed to be the area of the game, so a new change in the lineup seems to be likely. 

GTA 6 Maps

The post from ThatsSoBold further claims that GTA 6 maps will feature "Hurricanes, gators, and more!" and will be "3 Times bigger than GTA 5 Map".

These new claims do seem interesting, yet any info without the official announcement should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

Moreover, Fortnite has also been referenced here, with the post stating, "GTA6 Map will change over time with Updates from Rockstar similar to Epic Games (Fortnite) Map."

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GTA 6 Trailers

Now, about the GTA 6 trailer, it has been said that players will probably get to see the GTA 6 trailer in the month of November, and the reveals and trailers will keep on dropping till the month of November.

"News Sources are confirming that GTA 6 will be Announced and Teased with a Trailer starting November through December," says ThatsSoBold.

If by any chance this GTA 6 leak turns out to be true, then this would be a gigantic change to GTA's gameplay and could prompt brand new gameplay in the game. 

Moreover, it was also revealed earlier that GTA 5 PS5 version will get a re-release in the month of November which has now been delayed, and the leak also suggests the GTA 6 trailer reveal in the same month. So, Rockstar decided to push back the latest release of GTA 5 so that they can announce GTA 6, which could be a possibility.

Fans however need to wait for Rockstar Games to give out news for GTA 6 or GTA 6 announcement date, to be certain about any of these reports as all of the recent ongoing information are leaks and hypotheses.

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