Valorant skin level can be chosen by players in 3.08 update, suggests new leaks

Valorant skins can now be equipped in the desired levels are per the recent leaks.

Valorant skin level changes

Valorant skin level changes leaked

Riot Games has already revealed a new and dazzling Valorant map - Fracture in the Episode 3 Act 2 update and there are numerous rumors going around about the next Valorant Agent Deadeye.

Moreover, Riot even affirmed and revealed the next Valorant x Zedd Spectrum skins bundle, which includes some fascinating items for the players, and now as per the latest Valorant leaks, players can pick which "skin level" they wish to equip in Valorant patch 3.08. 

The upgrades in Valorant skins are generally praised by the players as they think that it has been changed and upgraded for good, bringing new impacts in the visuals or sound features. 

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But these redesigns in skins are hindering for a few as they don't know the vibe of it before the changes and there's no chance of telling how it will look before the change and players can't even revert the skin upgrade if they have done it already.

But if the leaks are to be true then players might get to see new changes with Valorant patch 3.08. Recently, a prominent Valorant leaker, @Valorleaks revealed new info about the changes and stated, "With Patch 3.08 you will be able to select which skin level you would like to equip." However, he additionally mentioned that the skin variants can only be equipped with the fully upgraded weapon.

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The choice will permit players to 'downsize' their skins so they can utilize explicit animations and get the look they like. Yet, the option to change the shading will not be available without the complete upgrade. 

The leak about the changes has come after the Prime Karambit incident where players started to complain that upgrading the knife removed the default spin animation. Riot guaranteed that they would be dropping a fix before the finish of 2021, and this leak seems to hint at that particular change. 

However, downsizing of the Valorant skin will not really discount the Radianite, yet it'll essentially give players the skin that they want. 

Obviously, these changes seem interesting, hence, those who are early waiting to see the Valorant skin level changes should keep their eyes on October 19 as Valorant patch 3.08 is set to release then.

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