League of Legends Season 12 runes changes revealed by devs

League of Legends Season 12 will have significant runes changes including Glacial Augment and Lethal Tempo as revealed by Riot devs.

League of Legends Season 12
League of Legends Season 12

Back on September 27, the devs dropped Champion Roadmap blog which revealed some interesting insights about the upcoming League of Legends' bottom lane marksman champion, next support champion, and Void-based jungler.

And now Riot has dropped another "State of the Game" on October 7, revealing some significant changes that would be coming with League of Legends Season 12. 

In the recent video, the developer has affirmed that two new dragons are going to Summoner's Rift, carrying with them new interesting buffs. Moreover, a modest bunch of new items for Mages and many more has also been teased. 

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The insights that were dropped about the League of Legends Season 12 additionally revealed that a few runes are being reworked, and players will probably witness new changes in the Precision and Inspiration trees. 

League of Legends Season 12 rune changes

In the most recent video from Riot, Jeremy Lee, the lead producer of gameplay for LoL, revealed new info on what changes players can see in the runes for League of Legends Season 12. 

While talking about the changes and updates on League of Legends Season 12, the lead producer stated, "As for runes, we think that there are some good, targeted changes we need to make. Most of all, we feel that the Inspiration tree’s identity has been pretty unclear. We’d like to broaden its keystone use cases."

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Moreover, Jeremy even revealed that they are reworking "Glacial Augment to double down on its fantasy of slowing down enemies." 

Other than Glacial Augment, the developers are also working on the rest of the Inspiration tree along with the Precision tree. In the addressing video, Jeremy revealed that the team is, "making some modifications to Lethal Tempo to lean into its attack speed fantasy and give it a more distinct use case in the Precision tree."

However, to get detailed info about these changes, players will need to wait for the release of League of Legends. But to make a note, players will also get the pre-season 12 update at some point after Worlds wraps up, so they will not have to wait for long.

There were the complete details about League of Legends Season 12 runes changes that have been revealed so far. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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