Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection event - release date, skins, heirloom, theme, more

Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event is the next major event in the game, and a few details have already been leaked ahead of the official announcement. 

Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event
Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event

Recently, Respawn dropped the Apex Legends Season 11 content for the players to explore as regular updates and changes in meta are part of Apex Legends' routine. The new Apex Legends Season 11 has brought players lots of new content to enjoy, with a new battle pass, a new Strom Point map, and obviously, another Legend - Ash.

Presently, players are anticipating the next huge in-game event, and it seems like Respawn is set to organize the Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event that will bring several new skins, cosmetics, and several rewards to the battle royale.

Garretleaks is known for revealing exact info on new changes prior to its official release in the game, and this time the leaker thinks that several skins like Valkyrie, Wattson, and others may make their appearance eventually during the Apex Collection event in Season 11.

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Let's go through all the details and information that have been revealed so far about the next Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event, including its date, theme, skins, and more.

Apex Legends Season 11 Collection Event Release Date

Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding the Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event start date, yet leakers have revealed that the Apex Legends Season 11 Collection Event is set to take place after the 11th of December 2021, i.e. after the Klex Event. 

Usually, the Collection event updates show up around a month and a half after a season goes live and since the brand new season - Escape was released on November 2, players can anticipate that the Season 11 event should be included around mid-December. So, if that's the case then the devs will report the official Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event start date soon enough. 

While Garret uncovered the release date, he additionally figured out how to track down some data from the game files on what content we can anticipate. 

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Apex Legends Season 11 Collection Event Theme

As indicated by Garret, the forthcoming Collection event theme will be based around a Space Pirate and will bring a scope of interesting Legendary cosmetics for Valkyrie, Bloodhound, Wraith, Wattson, Pathfinder, Revenant, and more. 

Recently, in a new video, Garret claimed that the supposed space pirates event will "likely going to be based on pilot skins", and these pilot skins will likely be "salvaged and changed" and will be used by space pirates.

Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection Event - Skins

Earlier, while talking about Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection event skins, Garret stated that the in-game files have an Epic Seer skin which actually looks totally fantastic and matches the pirate theme. 

Now adding to the past leaks, Garret recently revealed that the event will presumably bring back a couple of exemplary skins such as Epic Sea skin, Generic Sea skin. The legendary skins that will be made accessible during the upcoming Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event include:

  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Bloodhound skin
  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Wattson skin
  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Valkyrie skin
  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Wraith skin
  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Pathfinder skin
  • Apex Legends Space Pirate Revenant skin

Garret additionally pointed out that "the battle pass usually teases collection event skins" and as per the leaker, "this collection event is actually being teased in the current battle pass".

However, the leaker additionally cautioned the fans that this might not be the case this time and said, that if players "have played past seasons they would know that not all of the hints make it into skins." Fans can take the example from Season 8, where the Corsic skin never made it into a skin for the event.

Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection Event Heirloom

With regards to the heirloom for the event, Garret has uncovered it's most probably going to be for Wattson and this bodes well as the devs have removed the model for the rare item that was leaked from the game files, and it is something that normally happens before a new cosmetic is made available for the players. 

The leaker asserted that it indeed is the case and players will get Apex Legends Season 11 Collection event Wattson heirloom as she does have a legendary skins collection event and the leaker claims that it "typically happens with legends that get an heirloom. Garret pointed out Revenant and Rampart, and similarly, Watson did not have hers in a long time.

In his recent video, Garret additionally added that he thinks "a National Legendary is coming up in the Thematic event right after this Collection event, and if not right after, then probably a month after."

As Apex Legends Season 11 gets in progress, Respawn will certainly add new substance to stir up the game and we will keep updating the article whenever new information about the Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection Event drops.

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