Apex Legends End of Year Sale - skin, image, leak

Apex Legends End of Year Sale will be released pretty soon, however, players already got a glimpse of what it is.

Apex Legends End of Year Sale 2021
Apex Legends End of Year Sale 2021 leak

Apex Legends Season 11 will reach its conclusion in a few months and on 21st December we reached the conclusion of the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event, however, players have already started anticipating what the devs will offer next.

After the collection event, we have the Second split to look forward to where players will get to bounce back on to crush Ranked Leagues. We also have Season 12 leaks pouring in every now and then, however, this time a new Apex Legends leak is regarding the upcoming End of Year Sale.

All the credit for this leak goes to prominent data miner KralRindo who recently discovered some interesting info and it appears like we have another deal waiting for us, and we already have Apex Legends End of Year Sale promotional image.

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Apex Legends End of Year Sale 2021

To get players excited for the upcoming Christmas and New Year time, it seems like Respawn has something intriguing planned for its players, it appears like Apex Legends will likewise be having an End of Year Sale.

Players already have access to the Winter Express LTM till December 28 to celebrate Christmas and the new year, however, Kralrindo has called attention to the fact that PlayStation has already mistakenly released the next Apex Legends update.

Earlier PlayStation mistakenly leaked the Raiders Collection Event ahead of schedule through the PS Store, and now they have again done the same thing with the Apex Legends End of Year Sale 2021.

Apex Legends End of Year Sale image

In the PlayStation Store, players can spot the special Apex Legends End of Year Sale image being promoted with the portrayal: "Limited-time discounts on bundles and more."

BUY NOW - PS5 Controller

It is clearly visible that Apex Legends End of Year Sale promotional image has the blue and yellow recolor of the Birth Right Valkyrie skin which was beforehand accessible in Season 9 as the launch bundle. So it is safe to say that players will get access to different kinds of recolored skins that will be sold at a limited cost.

These Apex Legends End of Year Sale skins can be the launch bundle skins or the other rare skins for Legends or probably both, yet players will have to wait to know for sure.

It’s important to know that Respawn Entertainment may anytime declare to add more elements to be part of Apex Legends End of Year Sale because it can be an element of surprise for the players.

With that said, all we can do is guess, however, players should keep in mind that these are only leaks for now as these new Apex Legends End of Year Sale skin has simply been found on the store page, and Respawn is yet to make any official statement about it.

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This is everything that has been revealed so far about apex Legends End of Year Sale, keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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