Logan Paul bought Pokemon cards 1st Edition Base set for humongous amount

Pokemon Cards 1st Edition Base Set has been bought for $3.5 million by a known Youtuber, Logan Paul.

Logan paul Pokemon Card
Logan Paul bought Pokemon first Edition Base Set boxes

Pokemon games, be it Pokemon Go, or Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, or Pokemon Unite, or any other addition in the Pokemon franchise had a different impact on its players as not only do the players enjoy playing the games, yet they additionally trade the very famous Pokemon Cards.

And it seems like the Pokemon Card fever is still pretty much on as the oldest Paul sibling, Logan Paul has recently dropped a shocking measure of cash on the Pokemon trading cards.

This would not be new for those who already know who Logan Paul is. Logan Paul is famously known for wearing a Beckett Charizard (10 rated) that is assessed to be valued at $550k during his walkout against Floyd Mayweather.

Now Paul has taken another major step with his latest financial venture, as it seems Paul desires to acquire more.

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Logan Paul - Pokemon cards worth $3.5 million

It would be safe to say that Paul aims to be the richest amongst the card collectors and specifically with Charirad cards as he seems to be quite serious about it with his recent purchase of Pokemon Card.

Logan Paul has taken it to a higher level and the Youtuber has stunned fans with one more breathtaking acquisition of Pokemon cards, making the total of his collection of first Edition Base Set boxes to 11.

On December 20, Paul took to his Twitter handle and revealed that he bought new sets of Pokemon first Edition Base, stating "Just dropped $3,500,000 on this sealed & authenticated box of 1st Edition Pokémon cards."

The Pokemon card fanatic also attached a video in another tweet, reacting and claiming the Pokemon Cards set to be "the only known one in the world".

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If those boxes actually contain the Charizard Cards that Logan's wishing for and get a rating like the one he has as of now then he will surely gain a huge from this major investment.

Whatever be the case, it is yet to be seen what Logan decides to do with these cases, will he choose to open them now, or is he planning to reveal the cards inside the box later on at some point.

However, what we can be sure of is that he is in an extraordinary situation to make some amazing profit with the new product and could bear making huge amounts of money from the whole Pokemon first Edition Base Set boxes.

In any case, if you are eager to see what kind of plan Logan Paul has with his new Pokemon cards then you can stay tuned to his Twitter id.

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Till then you can check out our other guides for different Pokemon like Dedenne, Zamazenta, Zacian, Palkia, Kabuto, Chimchar, and much more. We'll make sure to update you with the latest Pokemon News, so keep following.

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