The Matrix Awakens, a new PS5 project leaked

The Matrix Awakens, possibly a new tie-in-based movie or game having an Unreal Engine 5 experience leaked.

The Matrix Awakens game, movie
The Matrix Awakens project leaked

The Matrix fans will soon get the fourth edition in The Matrix film series, The Matrix Resurrections as the movie is set to hit the theaters later this month, which is the continuation of 2003's The Matrix Revolutions and is directed by Lana Wachowski.

Other than the Matrix movie, fans have several official Matrix games like Enter The Matrix, The Matrix: Path of Neo, and The Matrix Online which were released back in 2003, 2005, and 2005 respectively.

Now there is a new Matrix movie or game possibly getting released soon, as we have a leak teasing a brand new Matrix product ahead of its release.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a promotional image for the product which is labeled as "The Matrix Awakens", having an "Unreal Engine 5 experience".

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The image was published on the PlayStation Network backend, however, we have no other details about the new leaked The Matrix Awakens project. The Reddit user stated, "Looks like we're getting an Unreal Engine Matrix movie tie-in based on information published on the PSN backend. No details, only that it exists for PS5."

They even attached the TitleId: PPSA05753_00 along with ConceptId: 10004087 of the published image.

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Currently, it is impossible to guess whether The Matrix Awakens will be a full game or some kind of movie tie-in that will explore the "Unreal Engine 5" to bring an exciting experience for the fans.

However, it is conceivable that this new Matrix game/movie could be revealed on the 9th of December at The Game Awards, happening at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Earlier, Geoff Keighley expressed that he expects new titles to be reported in the twofold digits with 40 to 50 games making an appearance during the show in some structure.

Whatever be the case, the image certainly seems real, so it is highly possible that soon PlayStation or the developers behind The Matrix Awakens project will make an official announcement.

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