Marvel's new multiplayer super hero video game is rumored to be in development

Marvel's new multiplayer superhero game is possibly in development by Insomniac games as suggested by new rumors.

Marvel new multiplayer superhero by Insomniac
Marvel's new multiplayer superhero game by Insomniac

American media franchise, Marvel Cinematic Universe or more commonly known as MCU, is undoubtedly the best superhero series production company in the world. The insane craze for Marvel speaks for itself.

Be it Marvel Comics, Marvel movies, or Marvel video games, everything Marvel does is considered as a class of its own. Despite the fact that Marvel is famous and known for its movies, Marvel fans also anticipate any video games from Marvel with high hopes.

And now it seems like Marvel is all ready to please their fans with a new multiplayer superhero video game.

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A new Marvel Game by Insomniac

The news of Marvel launching a new multiplayer video game surfaced on the web all over again when it was pointed out by some fans that the famous Australian gamer and podcaster, Shpeshal Nick, in his video games QnA podcast, revealed that Marvel are in talks with a video game developer company, Insomniac games.

It was revealed that Marvel is probably planning to come up with a brand new multiplayer superhero video game. Now, this information can be really legit as Shpeshal Nick has also given legit information about games and stuff in past.

Moreover, it seems like Marvel's major titans' games like World of Warcraft and FFXIV Online will now have new competition with this new Multiplayer release, and an even more interesting part of this news is that the developers behind the popularly known standalone title, Wolverine will probably be working on it.

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Insomniac to hire for Marvel Multiplayer Projects

The information about Marvel in talks with Insomniac by Shpeshal Nick got some more fire when a few Marvel fans pointed out that Insomniac, on its Twitter account posted a new job listing back in June 2021 stating about the need for multiplayer project employees.

While the real reason behind this job post was not revealed, there is a high chance that Insomniac were trying to hire multiplayer video games employees for the program development of the upcoming Marvel multiplayer game.

We also have pointers towards the work shift of an Insomniac employee, who earlier used to work at Disney Games and has contributed her 7 years over there. The person in talks here is Lauren Preston who has joined Insomniac Games in October of 2021 with a new position as a Creative Director.

It has been guessed that Lauren has seemingly joined the teams of employers that are currently working on the new Multiplayer title.

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Even if we have some clear indication from solid leakers such as Shpeshal Nick saying that Marvel is going to come up with a new multiplayer superhero video game or the fact that Insomniac are trying to increase their multiplayer employees, it would still be a little too early statement to say regarding the Marvel game.

However, one thing will be sure, that is, the quality content for which Marvel is known worldwide will be delivered to their fans.

Yet it would be ideal to wait for the official confirmation that Marvel's new multiplayer by Insomniac is actually being developed as nothing is certain until an official announcement is made. So don’t get your hopes up too high.

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