The Division Heartland - release date, modes, map, characters, setting, leak

The Division Heartland by Ubisoft is reportedly in good shape and is turning out to be a good game.

The Division Heartland release date is expected to be announced soon

The Division Heartland, a free-to-play game set in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division is a stand-alone game that is set to offer a fresh perspective on the universe in a new setting and doesn't demand players to have any prior knowledge of the series.

With the details revealed so far, we do know that The Division Heartland will be released on PC, consoles, and the cloud.

Ubisoft's free-to-play live service title, The Division Heartland is presently being developed at Red Storm Studio and was revealed last year, but since then the developers have remained silent about its progress there hasn't been much news about The Division Heartland's release date.

The most recent piece of information we received came from a leak about a year ago. However, we've now received confirmation of several previously released details, as well as some fresh information.

The new details have come from a noted leaker, Tom Henderson, who revealed various new elements regarding The Division Heartland, including its release date, setting, modes, classes, and map in the Xfire report.

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The Division Heartland release date

The Division Heartland has yet to be given a set release date, however, earlier Ubisoft asserted that they intend to get it ready for the fiscal year 2022-2023, which means fans can look forward to March 2023, as developers will probably schedule Division Heartland release date then.

As per Henderson, "Ubisoft could reveal the game soon, with its quarterly earnings call for Q3 22 taking place on February 17th."

The Division Heartland game modes

According to the details revealed by Henderson, Heartland has two game modes:

  • Division Heartland Storm (a PvPvE mode)
  • Division Heartland Excursion (a PvE mode)

As per the leaker, The Division Heartland Excursion mode has been compared to a tutorial mode for Storm, in which players can learn more about the map by scavenging, exploring, looting, and fighting enemy AI.

Players will be able to play with two other friends in the Heartland Excursion mode and all of this event will take place on the huge The Division Heartland map, termed 'Silver Creek.' "Explore alongside other friendly agents to prepare the world for the coming storm," states the current Excursion mode description.

However, Storm, a PvEvP mode with a premise similar to Escape From Tarkov, has been defined as "Heartland's bread and butter" by Henderson. The Division Heartland Storm mode will challenge players to make it through the Silver Creek alive, and return to the base of operations (BOO) while collecting lots of loot.

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Division Heartland map - Silver Creek

Silver Creek is described as a large Division Heartland map with a random distribution of contaminated locations. As per the leaked details, the map in Heartland will not contain the traditional circle like those in other battle royale games.

In the upcoming Division Heartland game, Gas masks can be obtained to help players survive in contaminated locations, which is quite similar to the mechanic that we've seen before in Warzone.

The leaker described the upcoming Division Heartland map as a region where "Players survive the gas by finding and crafting gas mask filters, which will prevent them from falling into a 'DBNO state', which is simply a more complicated name for being downed."

Strategic Homeland Division Beacons are scattered all around the Silver Creek map, which may be utilized to purchase upgrades and summon supply drops. Moreover, there is tier loot, and it's quite conventional with Green, Yellow, Purple, and other tier colors that are usually part of the games like this.

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Division Heartland game modes seem more threatening than the enemies in the game

Division Heartland - Base of Operations (BOO)

Along with detailing the other elements of the game, Henderson likewise detailed the region where players will get all their weekly mission. As per the leaked info,

BOO is the main hub, which is housed in an abandoned ice rink and where players will get to personalize their loadout, sell scavenged things, join lobbies, and purchase upgrades, mods, and other weapons here.

Projects are weekly missions that players can activate at their Base Of Operations, aka BOO. Here players will get the opportunity to update their equipment and prepare to return to Silver Creek. There are four kinds of Division Heartland Prep Items that will be made available to the players including:

  • Insertion Point - When joining a match, you can select a precise insertion point.
  • Stash Box - In-game storage for consumables and crafting supplies.
  • Buff Tower
  • Extractor Pod

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The Division Heartland Characters and Enemies

As per the leaked data, there are three different types of Division Heartland characters to choose from. These different kinds of Division Heartland characters include:

  • Weapon Expert
  • Medic
  • Survivalist

The Weapon Expert has the ability to mark foes and equip teammates with armor. While in cover, the Medic regains health and heals nearby friends. Moreover, the Survivalist basically acts as an enhancer whose role is enhancing the looting experience for themselves and their allies and can highlight adjacent loot caches.

Players will face a battle against Vultures, the Division Heartland AI enemies that come in six different varieties with various strategies and attributes. These six different varieties of Division Heartland vulture enemy include:

  • Flanker
  • Grunt
  • Heavy
  • Sharps
  • Hooter
  • Technician

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Of course, in Storm mode, the true hazard will be other players, but it appears that the Excursion mode is all about prepping for the more competitive Storm.

Despite the fact that the game has yet to receive an official release date, Henderson states, "my sources reveal that The Division Heartland is progressing well and is in a better state than the recently leaked Tom Clancy’s Frontline."

Well, there you have it, everything we know about The Division Heartland game, its release date, setting, game modes, characters, more. Be sure to check it out when the game releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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