Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC release date and details hinted by leakers

Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC release date has been hinted at by new leaks.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC leaks

Back in February 2021, Pokemon Legends Arceus was introduced to the fans and Game Freak took quite some time to give updates on the much-awaited project. Hence fans were eagerly waiting for the Pokemon Legends release, the 2022 Nintendo Switch title.

The Pokemon Legends Arceus game was finally released on January 28th, enabling fans to explore the world of Pokemon and catch as many of them as possible.

Even if the game has been recently released, several fans are looking forward to the new content and elements that the developers will bring for the players, and we have new leaks suggesting that fans might hear a good news soon.

Many fans have been asking if the game, like Sword & Shield, will receive DLC and a new hint from a well-known leaker appears to confirm that an update is on the way. The report indicates, however, that the downloadable content will be lesser than expected and will be released very soon.

So let's get into the details encompassing the release of the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC Leaks

Credits for all these leaks go to the respective leakers: @Riddler_Khu, @BallGuyLEAKS, and @soulsilverart, who have spent their quality amount of time digging up this information.

Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC release date

After reliable Pokemon leaker 'Riddler Khu' responded to fans guessing about impending DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus, speculation began on Twitter.

Due to Game Freak allegedly not adding online battles, the insider claims that players won't be able to enjoy the new Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC as there won't be much for players to do in the game after beating the RPG.

The leaker went on to hint that the much-anticipated Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC would arrive soon, however, it will not satisfy trainers who are tired of Shiny hunting and have finished the main story.

In their recent tweet, they wrote, "Saw tons of hilarious speculation about a free DLC thing, anyway a game lacking online battle features will flop soon after you finish shiny hunting all you want or just wait a couple of weeks for that free thing and can't help but complaining."

However, reacting to the post made by Riddler Khu, several fans including soulsilverart assumed that the reputed leaker was implying that February 27, 2022, will be the possible Legends Arceus DLC release date, that is during Pokemon Day.

The famous content creator wrote, "I believe khu’s saying the DLC is free (if not free-probably still won't be big & content-rich). He saw tons of us speculating about*a*DLC that’ll be free(it was hilarious to him)."

He further added, "Basically, free DLC for PLA is coming on Pokémon day but with no online battles," and said that if the DLC is launching close to Pokémon day it makes him feel like "it’s a more free update than DLC, especially if something else is coming in April."

Another leaker account, 'BallGuyLeaks,' seemed to suggest that the Pokemon Legends DLC would disappoint some fans. In a cryptic tweet, the leaker wrote, "You wonder if your adventure is complete. Possibly it is, maybe the only thing that awaits you now is a disappointment. I feel as if you will like something coming through…"

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The news about a new Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC is indeed fascinating, yet the little rumors like it being a minor update rather than a proper DLC is getting fans excited for its arrival.

However, fans should take everything with a grain of salt, as even if everything Riddler Khu released about Legends turned out to be spot-on, his tweet is a bit unclear. The majority of the speculation is from people trying to figure out what he's been hinting at lately.

Since the game has already been released worldwide, fans should definitely try out the game and explore the different regions and Pokemon available in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game.

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