Halo Infinite Invasion Mode 2.0 will reportedly be coming in Season 2

Halo Infinite Invasion Mode is all set to get released soon as suggested by new leaks.

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Halo Infinite Invasion 2.0 mode will be coming in Season 2

Immensely popular combat video game, Halo was launched in the year 2021 and has gained great love since then throughout the gaming world. 

Currently managed and developed by 343 Industries, the game was initially published by Xbox studios in 2001. Based on military fiction science combat, the story revolves around the military with advanced combat suits.

Halo’s last game, Halo: Infinite was released last year in December and has got a great response from gamers. For quite some time, Halo Infinite is rumored to come up with a Battle Royale version in the next update. 

However, according to a recent leak, Halo Infinite’s next update is going to have an “Invasion 2.0” game type. Therefore, we might be seeing a follow-up to the previous Reach mode in Halo, arguably the fan-favorite.

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Halo Infinite Invasion 2.0 mode

The Halo Infinite game got a great response from fans in the initial launch, however, due to some issues with some events and cheaters, gamers are a lit bit disappointed now. Despite the fact that the game offers quite a great combat gaming experience, these issues have somewhere damaged the game’s ratings.

343 Industries, the developer as well as managers of Halo Infinite, will soon be launching a Season 2 for the Halo Infinite in the month of May and will surely be taking great measures to counter the issues players are facing in season 1.

Earlier, a few new maps were leaked for the upcoming season and now, leaks about a new game mode are also speculated. At first, many gamers were expecting the new game mode in Halo Infinite to be a Battle Royale mode, however, the latest leak about the game suggests that the new game mode will be an Invasion mode.

The leak about a new Halo Infinite Invasion 2.0 version coming in the next season of the game surfaced when popular Halo information leaker, Surasia, tweeted and gave some clarification for the next season, saying, “ it’s like a sort of Invasion 2.0”.

Surasia, then shared some more insights for the upcoming Halo Infinite game,

“You can ‘hack’ Sentinels so they join your team, and defend FOBs,”. Also, talking about the Bug Team Battle Playlist, Surasia tweeted, “it’s not a BR” and would play like a “bigger team battle,”.

Talking about when can we expect the new game mode update to come up, Surasia said, “ I don’t know where it’s at in terms of development, But there have been assets created for it so I’d say we’ll hear about it Q3 2022.”

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The invasion mode was last time featured in the Halo Reach game that got launched back in the year 2010, and since then, this mode has been one of the favorite game mode out there. 

This “overwhelmed love” for the Invasion game mode is what makes the arrival of Halo Infinite Invasion 2.0 more interesting for gamers. 

Halo fans will surely be waiting eagerly and excitingly for the new game mode, however, it will be safe to take this invasion mode leak lightly until 343 Industries themselves announce something as these are only leaks for now and should be taken with a grain of salt. 

We will keep updating the article whenever the devs decide to drop in new info.

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