Pokemon Go Drip Lapras leak - release date, moves, stats, more

Pokemon Go Drip Lapras will release finally, says a leak while revealing its stats, moves, and more.

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Pokemon Go Drip Lapras leak

If you are interested in video games, especially mobile games, then you would definitely have heard of Pokémon GO, the augmented reality mobile game, which was released in 2016 and just blew up right from its launch.

Pokémon itself, the series of video games published by Nintendo, has enjoyed a huge amount of success in its life. And even among Pokémon games, Pokémon Go was one of the best-selling mobile games ever.

The story behind the Pokemon Go Drip Lapras leak we are looking at today started a year back. A Pokémon Go data miner came upon “Drip Lapras” in the files of the titles. Now, at long last, the stats of Pokémon have been updated.

And this is good news for us because it could mean that “Pokemon Go Drip Lapras” is finally being released.

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Pokemon Go Drip Lapras leak

You may know that Pokémon Go specifically was developed in collaboration with Niantic. The ‘problem,’ so to speak, with Niantic is that these developers don’t give us a lot of new content. They only ever release a few Pokémons.

To make matters even worse for us gamers, the new characters’ releases are extended even more because of the fact that the normal and Shiny variants of Pokémons are released separately and not at the same time.

A trick that Niantic applies with the release of Pokémons is that new Pokémon releases are substituted by special-costumed ones. This happens whenever there are annual events like Halloween, New Year, Paris Fashion Week, and Go Fest.

The thing about these special, costumed Pokémons is that some of them go on to become icons for the community of gamers. One such example is the Cowboy hat Caterpie. Another costumed Pokémon was brought out into the view of gamers more than a year back - Pokemon Go Drip Lapras, yet it is still to make its in-game debut.

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Pokémon Go Drip Lapras release date

As we already mentioned, the story begins more than a year ago. On the fateful day of April 8, 2021, our trusted data miners came across a version of Pokemon Go Drip Lapras in the Pokémon files and it was wearing a bowtie.

Officially, this Pokémon has been labeled Lapras Costume 2020. But as though the community thought some other name suited it better, it is being called “Drip Lapras” by the players.

While the Pokémon did come up in the game’s files, the data miners could not find any stats of it, and nor could the Pokémon itself be found in-game. And now, after more than a year, an update on the Pokemon Go Drip Lapras leak has finally come out, and it tells us the moves and stats of the mon'.

The data miners of this leak are @poke_miners. They posted the leak in the form of a tweet. With this leak, we can say that even though Pokemon Go Drip Lapras cannot be found in-game, we are a step closer to reaching that goal.

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The general theory among the gamers of this title says that Drip Lapras is going to be released sometime this summer. Alongside, this release will be the rerelease of the plushie counterpart of the Pokémon.

The tweet says that the Pokemon Go Drip Lapras costume “currently can be transferred to HOME.”

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Pokemon Go Drip Lapras stats and moves

The stats of Pokemon Go Drip Lapras can be clearly seen. For the sake of completeness, here are the stats:

  • Stamina: 277
  • Attack: 165
  • Defense: 174

The moves of Pokemon Go Drip Lapras are:


  • Frost Breath
  • Water Gun


  • Hydro Pump, Surf, Skull Bash, Blizzard

ETM Fast

  • Ice Shard

ETM Charged

  • Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam

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Drip Lapras made its debut in the Pokémon world in 2018, in the Ride On Lapras Pokémon merchandise collection. In this collection, Lapras was wearing a bow tie and is seen giving many Pokémons, like Pikachu, rides of its shell. But the developers decide to not make this collection available outside Japan apparently.

Now, along with the drippiest Pokemon Go Drip Lapras, gamers will be able to find the Shiny variant of it too. The downside of this is that they will not be able to transfer it to Pokémon HOME.

And that is all that we know so far about Pokemon Go Drip Lapras. Make sure to check this cool Pokémon out once it does release.

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