Dead by Daylight’s Season 24 Dredge - teleportation, special abilities, and more

Dead by Daylight Dredge, Season 24's new killer has been revealed, along with the details on its teleportation, special abilities, and more.

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Dead by Daylight Dredge leak

Dead by Daylight, the survival horror asymmetric multiplayer online game developed by Behaviour Interactive, is probably one of the most famous ones of its genre. It is already in Season 24, and we have some leaked information about the next killer, the Dredge.

The Dredge comes with a fresh map as well as a brand-new Indian Investigator.

It has almost been a custom with D&D for leaks revealing some or the other aspect of the game. This time, the leaks are about some reliable information about the content that we may be getting to see in the upcoming Dead by Daylight season 24. This also happens to be the anniversary season of the game.

The new Dead by Daylight leaks tell us that the developers have prepared a huge content drop for us with this season. There will be special rewards and also a limited-time event.

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Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge teleportation

From what the leaked images tell us about this new killer - Dead by Daylight Dredge, he has the ability to be able to teleport straight into lockers. And you can imagine what will happen to those survivors that are hiding inside the lockers.

The Dead by Daylight Dredge in this season has three personal perks. These are Septic Touch, Dissolution, and Darkness Revealed. These perks let the killer see Survivors close to lockers, annihilate pallets, and deal Blindness and Exhaustion to healing Survivors.

The leaked image tells us that the Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge cannot be gotten rid of that easily. “And when night falls, it is nearly impossible.”

Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge and Haddie Kaur

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Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge Special Ability

The special ability of the Dredge is the Gloaming.

To activate Dead by Daylight Dredge's Gloaming ability, players will need to hold down the Power button. The Dredge will now leave a remnant at the spot. To Teleport into a locker, simply aim at it and thumb the Ability button. If you want to return to the Remnant, thumb the Ability button as well.

If a Survivor makes contact with the Remnant, then it is disabled, as it is when teleporting into a locker. To Teleport from one locker to another, aim at some locker and thumb the Ability button. You need a Power Token for each teleportation. Leave the locker or go back to the Remnant to activate the Gloaming cooldown. The Power Tokens will get recharged.

Survivors have the ability to put locks on the lockers so that the Dredge won’t be able to leave them quickly. The Dead by Daylight Dredge will break the lock when he exits. Or he can perform a base attack on the lock itself. No locker can be locked more than once.

Another special ability of the Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge is Nightfall.

Here, there is a Nightfall Meter, and it fills when a Survivor is hooked, the Teleport function is used, or a healthy Survivor is wounded. As soon as the Nightfall Meter is filled up, the Nightfall ability begins.

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Dead by Daylight Season 24 Survivor - Haddie Kaur

One more aspect was revealed by the leaks. The new Dead by Daylight Season 24 Survivor will be a person named Haddie Kaur.

Kaur’s profession is a psychic investigator and her nationality is Indian. On top of this, we will get to experience the arrival of a new map on the scene of season 24. Taking it at its appearance, it will look like The Thompson House.

We got something more with the leaks about the Dredge, apart from his perks and powers.

Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge Backstory

We got to know a little about the Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge backstory. This backstory tells us about a former mentor of Herman Carter, who is The Doctor. The Dredge’s real name happens to be Otto Stamper.

The Dead by Daylight Dredge's backstory continues, saying that he was “found as the only survivor in the Institute left in a vegetative state by the Doctor before he was taken away by the Entity.”

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This game is available on most of the current gaming consoles. You can now play Dead by Daylight on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and also PC. If you have the Xbox GamePass, then you are in luck because you can play it for free.

And that is pretty much everything that we know at the moment about the new killer, Dead by Daylight Season 24 Dredge.

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