Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leaked, hinting at global release soon

Tencent’s Unannounced Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leak, confirms the title's development.

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Need For Speed Mobile gameplay footage leaked

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Need For Speed video game series developed by Electronic Arts is probably the most famous, most popular, series on car racing ever to grace our computer/ console screens.

And when you have such a great game, you need to have it across all the platforms. This includes mobile phones. And that is exactly what Tencent, the video game developer, is planning to do. Or so is what the rumors and leaks tell us.

The aforementioned rumors and leaks on Need For Speed Mobile game have actually existed for a long. It was back in August 2021 that we first got to hear from a leak that Tencent is working on the Need For Speed Mobile game. And now, the leakers have just discovered something which made the case stronger for them.

That is the discovery of a small clip that shows us the Need For Speed Mobile gameplay.

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Need For Speed Mobile game

As you can already surmise, Tencent is actively working on developing the game. Need For Speed Mobile will let us dive into a totally different, fresh, and exciting open world from the other Need For Speed games.

There have been a lot of reports which tell us that Need For Speed Mobile is currently using Unreal Engine 4 as the 3D computer graphics game engine. We have come to know that last year, Tencent has had multiple recruitments for the development of the game.

Here is everything that we know about Tencent’s Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leak. Read on!

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Tencent’s Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leak

The Tencent’s Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leak comes from the famous leaker Shaun Weber. Now, Weber has been responsible for a lot of reliable leaks in the past and can definitely be trusted for the leak. (That is not to say anything about the content of the leak itself though!)

This NFS Mobile gameplay leak was posted on Twitter by Shaun Weber. It is a 46-second long gameplay footage clip that gives us a glimpse into the open world of Need For Speed Mobile. It is essentially two clips combined into one, each of which showcases a different car.

The first one of the NFS Mobile gameplay leak is where a Lamborghini Aventador can be seen rolling around on the streets. The second one is a Mclaren doing the same thing.

Now, it could be asked where this NFS Mobile gameplay footage was acquired from, given that the game itself is still under development. To that, we answer the clip is from the Chinese version of the game, as the game has already launched there. It is under development at the moment for those of us living in select countries.

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You can find the tweet showing the NFS Mobile gameplay footage described above below.

As far as the legitimacy of the leak is concerned, we think it can be taken as true. Either this is what is stored for us when Need For Speed Mobile releases, or Tencent changes all the code it has written so far because of one small leak and develops an altogether different game. It can clearly be seen that the latter option is not feasible.

This Need For Speed Mobile gameplay leak was put up on the Need For Speed subreddit initially, however, it was quickly taken down. But, people were smart and fast enough to nab the clip and post it on social media.

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Need For Speed Mobile game development progress

We can actually infer quite a lot of things about the Need For Speed Mobile game based just on that small clip, and therein lies the usefulness of this leak. It can clearly be seen that in Need For Speed Mobile, emphasis has been laid on all the open-world elements we get to see. These include a visually appealing and impressive environment and surroundings, a bigger map, and a lot more.

Now, coming to the less important stuff, the controls of the game remain the same as we see in other titles of the Need For Speed series. And as can be seen in the Need For Speed Mobile gameplay clip, there are also the special drift moves, the nitro effect, and other special effects as well that we get to experience in some of the other popular Need For Speed video games by Electronic Arts.

There is also a general complaint from the public about the graphics of the game. However, as the game is still in development, we can expect better graphics in the final Need For Speed Mobile release.

At the time of writing, there is no mention anywhere of a Need For Speed Mobile release date. We will just have to hang on and see how this goes.

These were the complete details of the NFS Mobile game, and if leaks are true then players will not have to wait for long as leaks and reports eventually lead to a formal announcement.

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