Overwatch 2 Junker Queen - reveal date, gameplay, kit, weapon, abilities, more

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen has been officially revealed by the developers and we have detailed all the info on the new tank hero including her gameplay, kit, weapon, abilities, and more.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen has been revealed officially

The mechanics of Overwatch 2 are being radically changed. Instead of the typical six players per team, Overwatch 2 will have only five, with two Damage heroes, two Support heroes, and one Tank. The latest improvements also include a thorough PvE storyline and a big reworking of 5v5 gameplay for PvP.

On March 18, the Overwatch 2 devs hosted a live stream to discuss a range of topics, including balance ideas, how the meta will work after the console beta is launched and more.

Now, at least for the PvP aspect of the game, Overwatch's highly anticipated sequel has an Overwatch 2 release date. Activision Blizzard announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase that Overwatch 2 will go into early access on October 4, 2022.

Moreover, The Junker Queen, a new Tank character in Overwatch 2, will be added to the roster.

The Junker Queen, who joins Sojourn as the second new Overwatch 2 hero, was introduced today. The character was mentioned in the first Overwatch, although she never made an official appearance in the game.

We have collected all the details that you need to know about the new Overwatch 2 Tank hero - The Junker Queen, including its reveal date, gameplay, kit, weapon, abilities, and more.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen

One of the most important days in Overwatch history could indeed be this recent showcase as apart from the official Overwatch 2 release date, developers also confirmed that the title would be made free-to-play.

The most exciting news, though, is the arrival of the new Tank hero - Junker Queen, the exact one that the players have been waiting for years to be included.

  • Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Story

On June 16th, during the reveal event, the devs shared new clips on Junker Queen, sharing the story of our new ruler of Junkertown. The video description says: Discover the origin story of Junker Queen's rise to the throne of Junkertown in our animated short: The Wastelander!

  • Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Cinematic trailer

The Junker Queen is seen fighting for the throne of Junkertown in Thunderdome-style combat in the Overwatch 2 cinematic trailer. The Overwatch 2 release date video included a brief glimpse at the character's gameplay, however, it was announced that the character's full appearance and kit will be unveiled later.

You can get a glimpse of the upcoming Overwatch 2 Junker Queen in the trailer below:

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The Junker Queen, a confirmed tank, will be included in the game upon launch. The wild emperor of Junkertown looks to wield a gigantic axe weapon and a motion ultimate in Junker Queen gameplay displayed throughout the announcement trailer.

Junkrat's animated short, in which she was momentarily glimpsed on a banner in Junkertown, will be familiar to series fans.

Junker Queen is a tall and powerful creature who carries a big axe, which she can be seen wielding to completely remove adversaries, as seen in the poster. She's linked to earlier characters Roadhog and Junkrat, and she's the Australian ruler of Junkertown (which is also an Overwatch map).

Now even though we are yet to get the official details on Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit, leaks have already detailed a few aspects of Junker Queen's weapon, her abilities, passives, ultimate, and more.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit leak

Félix 'Féfé' Münch, a former Overwatch League coach alleged to have revealed the forthcoming hero's kit, including her skills and ultimate, on April 5. As stated by Félix 'Féfé' Münch, he had some exclusive info on OW2 Junker Queen kit.

  • Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Weapon - Scattergun

Let's start with the weapon wielded by Junker Queen. Her primary weapon, according to reports, is a shotgun known as the "Scattergun." A sword-like melee weapon with a bleeding effect that does damage over time is carried by the Junker Queen.

According to the released information, this Junker Queen's sword has a boomerang ability, allowing her to fling it back and maybe boop enemies as it returns to her.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit leaked

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen abilities

Apart from the weapon, the leaker also gave info on OW2 Junker Queen's abilities.

  • Rallying Call ability

So there are Junker Queen's abilities, the first of which is the Rallying Call ability. Junker Queen's "rallying call" ability, according to the leaker, benefits her and her teammates. This ability grants her an extra 200 HP while also giving her allies an extra 100 HP.

It also grants a 30% speed boost, though it's uncertain if this applies simply to her or to her companions too.

  • Carnage ability

The Junker Queen's next ability is "carnage," which does damage to all foes next to her while also causing bleeding. We do not, however, know how much damage this skill does over time.

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  • Junker Queen's passive ability - Adrenaline Shot

Aside from that, the leaker went into depth about Junker Queen's passive ability.

Junker Queen's passive ability, "adrenaline shot," cure any damage caused by bleeding (may also be extended to fire damage (dynamite) or poison damage (venom mine)).

  • Junker Queen's ultimate ability - Rampage

Then there's Junker Queen's ultimate ability, the "rampage," in which she charges in front of her, inflicting anti-healing (like anti-nade) to foes while also healing herself.

Despite all of the evidence, the leaker was unsure of Junker Queen's specific position; nevertheless, she has now been verified as a Tank character, and even the Junker Queen's kit leak supports this.

But whatever the case may be, these claims should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially because this is our first glimpse at the OW2 hero Junker Queen's kit.

However, players will not have to wait for long as Activision Blizzard has announced that they will reveal more details about the Junker Queen during an Overwatch 2 Reveal Event on June 16.

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These are all the details about the upcoming Overwatch 2 tank hero - Junker Queen, including its reveal date, gameplay, kit, abilities, and more.

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