Overwatch 2 Mauga - new Tank hero after Junker Queen possibly leaked

Overwatch 2 Mauga is the next Tank hero after Junker Quenn, suggests new reports and leaks.

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Overwatch 2 Mauga - a new Tank hero leaked

Overwatch, one of the famous first-person shooters, features fantastic characters, an active esports industry, and beautiful maps. Blizzard's most well-known FPS has cemented its place in gaming history.

Back at Blizzcon in 2019, there were rumors that an Overwatch spin-off would be released shortly, and the fans went crazy. However, the developers of Overwatch 2 provided relatively few facts about the game after it was first announced.

Fans were now eagerly awaiting further information on Overwatch 2, and their wish was finally granted at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

Overwatch 2 will be available for early access on October 4th, almost three years after it was first announced and to the player's joy, it will be completely free to play. Not only that, but the Xbox showcase event unveiled Junker Queen to the players, confirming that the hero will finally appear in the next sequel after years of speculation.

Now, to add to the list of Overwatch 2 heroes, a new leak suggests that Mauga will be added as a new Tank hero in the game. Check out the leaked details on Overwatch 2 Mauga - a new Tank hero.

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Overwatch 2 Mauga - new Tank hero

On June 17, a thread on the Overwatch subreddit was posted that described an interview with developers Aaron Keller, Geoff Goodman, and others conducted by French content maker Potxeca. As per a recent interview with Overwatch 2 devs, Mauga will eventually be available as a Tank hero following the game's October 4 release.

However, Potxeca has now turned the interview with the developers private, but according to the post, "the new tank hero in Season 2 is Mauga."

The translated post read:

  • He basically confirmed that the new tank hero in season 2 is MAUGA.
  • There will be a third phase of beta before October
  • The Nepal expansion we saw is actually a new map called "Shambali Temple", on the other side of the mountain of Nepal and is a map for the unannounced new core gamamode coming in 2023.
  • The maps for this unannounced gamemode will be "the biggest PvP maps ever made" and the mode is the most complex to understand
  • He knows the theme of the first battle pass but can't say it, each season have a theme for skins and others cosmetics.
  • Cross progression: all account will be additionnal, so you have a skin on one account, another one in the others, you have both and your level is also increased (Let's say you have level 100 ps4 and level 500 pc you are level 600 with all skins of both ps4 and pc)
  • The mythic skins will have unique animations, ultimate design, weapon choices, everything is customizable, but like everything and animations really like unique, details or idk, but seems amazing. hundreds of possibilities of skins for 1 mythic skin, 1 per season, need to pay for it
  • This summer they will talk about moderation due to f2p, like deal with throwers cheaters (new anti cheat system)
  • ranked mode during the betas. Rank system with Gold I, Gold Il etc (not sure, it's an example). The new ranked is still in development, who knows the changes
  • No conversion of our current credits or lootbox into the ow2 credits

Potxeca's footage has been a gold mine of information including specifics on the third Overwatch 2 beta, cross-progression, and possibly the new tank hero, but it's tough to tell if it's totally real or not.

Mauga originally appeared in Baptiste's short fiction 'What You Left Behind,' which was published in 2019. While Jeff Kaplan announced him as an incoming hero, Mauga hasn't been seen since the event. But because Mauga is already a well-known character, having him as another Tank hero seems completely plausible.

Nevertheless, we actually knew that a new Tank hero might be appearing for Season 2 thanks to the Overwatch 2 info webcast. On June 16, Overwatch 2's developers released a large content roadmap for the game, outlining how it would continue and grow over the next year and a half. The announcement, though, was focused on heroes.

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Overwatch 2 roadmap details a new Tank hero

Every other "season," which lasts nine weeks, a new hero would be launched, according to the developers. As the timetable proceeds in 2023, this will become more essential, but meanwhile, 4 new heroes will be introduced before the end of 2022.

On October 4, Overwatch 2 will go into early access, with three new heroes: a tank, a support, and a damage dealer and once the next season begins in December, another promised tank hero will be released.

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We don't know much about this tank hero, and the creators haven't given us any fresh details, but we can make some educated guesses.

Overwatch released a short fiction starring Baptiste a few years back. Mauga, a huge man with tropical prints and a lot of energy, was an essential side character in the quest. Mauga uses rockets and an energy barrier to protect his friends when he and Baptiste fight together.

It is possible that the devs would surprise us with a tank, but Overwatch 2 Mauga seems to have all the possibilities to be the new tank hero.

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Overwatch 2 players will have plenty of new characters to anticipate, with heroes arriving every 18 weeks or so. However, we won't know for sure whether the reports of Overwatch 2 Mauga being the next Tank hero to arrive after Junker Queen is true or not until we get an announcement from Blizzard itself.

Hence, it is suggested to take these reports with a grain of salt, even if this may be our first hint at OW2 Mauga - a new tank hero. Keep visiting for more Overwatch news that will be coming soon.

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