Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass - new packs, rewards, challenges, price, more

Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass offers new packs filled with different rewards that are quite exciting.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass

With Azami, the Emerald Plains map, and loads of great changes, Operation Demon Veil kicked off Rainbow Six Year 7 in style. However, in Season 2, the show will return with a new batch of episodes titled Operation Vector Glare.

Year 7 Season 2 was meant to be released on June 7th, but Ubisoft had to make the difficult decision to push it back to June 14th owing to technical issues, as per the organization.

However, the new operation has now been launched, and there is a second new map along with the quality life improvements promised in the roadmap to keep the battlefields interesting. This new Operation also includes the standard occurrences of a new Operator, a Battle Pass, and cosmetics.

Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare in Rainbow Six Siege arrived with a fresh new Battle Pass, which may be one of the best ever offered in the game. Siege's new Y7S2 Battle Pass includes the newest operator Sens, just like in past seasons, and BP owners get two weeks of early access to this operator.

Read On the complete details on Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass, including its new packs, rewards, challenges, price, and more.

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Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass Date

The Battle Pass has now been extended to cover the entire season by Ubisoft. The Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass began on June 14th and will expire on September 5th, 2022.

When it's over, all of the stuff, including its challenges and rewards will be gone forever, so make sure you get them all before the time runs out.

Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass - Tiers and Cost

The Battle Pass for Rainbow Six: Operation Vector Glare has two major tires: Free and Premium. And here the Premium tire has two divisions: Premium track and Premium Bundle.

The Free track is exactly what it says as it won't set you back a dime and players can still go through the battle pass normally, but leveling up will only give you restricted prizes.

The "Operation Vector Glare" battle pass will follow the same old multi-tier battle pass structure, with two tracks: the "Free" track and the "Premium" track. The Battle Pass Premium track costs 1200 R6 credits, whereas the PREMIUM BUNDLE, which unlocks the first 12-tiers right away, costs 2670 R6 credits (increased from 2400).

However, players earn half of these back on their way to Tier 100, and they gain access to all of the benefits, including early access to Sens before the rest of the world.

If you would not want to purchase the Battle Pass, the new operator will be officially available on June 28th for 25000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits, so going with a free tier is also not a bad option.

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Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass - Challenges

Before proceeding to the rewards included in the Vector Glare Battle Pass, it is important to have a look at the challenges included in the Battle Pass as well.

Players can perform fortnightly challenges to enable them to progress through the Operation Vector Glare battle pass. The Vector Glare Battle Pass challenges are excellent ways to gain a hearty dose of experience, frequently covering nearly an entire tier on your way up.

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Individual challenges, which are randomized from player to player, and community challenges, in which anybody can participate, are the two categories of the Y7S2 Battle Pass. The individual challenges might be more demanding for the players, however, if the goal is attained, simply participating in one community challenge will grant you the experience.

However, it is important to note that new challenges are given every two weeks, and finishing them on time can make players' gameplay a little easier.

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Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass - Rewards

Rainbow Six Vector Glare Battle Pass rewards are the same as the previous seasons as the Alpha and Bravo packs along with new operator and weapon skins, renown boosters, and other items are available for purchase.

Te players choosing the Free tier will only be able to obtain a limited number of goodies like some skin parts and weapon charms. However, those who go ahead with the Y7S2 Premium battle pass and grind their way to Tier 100 will receive everything available, including some R6 Credits.

The Rainbow Six Vector Glare battle pass includes skins for over a dozen operators, ranging from Epic to Legendary tier. Some of the characters getting these Y7S2 Battle Pass skins are:

  • Ying
  • Twitch
  • Thunderbird
  • Sens
  • Pulse
  • Nomad
  • Montagne
  • Melusi
  • Lion
  • Frost
  • Doc
  • Clash
  • Castle
  • Bandit
  • Amaru and more

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The new Bravo Packs include the rare 'Black Ice' skins for a variety of new weaponry here and players can also find a highly handpicked list of items with no duplicates. Hence the new Bravo Packs, which are exclusive to the Battle Pass, are the most intriguing addition to R6 Y7S2 Battle Pass.

Operation Vector Glare battle pass has roughly 130 items spread among over 100 tiers the 'Sens' operator is part of the first tier, so gamers who purchase the premium track can immediately unlock them.

As mentioned earlier, Sep 5 will mark the expiry of Y7S2 Batlle Pass, so, players are suggested to stay alert on September 5, 2022, for additional details regarding Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 3 and the scheduled operator and map releases, which are expected to begin on the same day.

Well, that is all that we have with regards to the Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass, including its new packs, rewards, challenges, price, and more. We will make sure to update you with the latest Rainbow Six news, so keep following.

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