PlayStation Stars Diamond tier - new level 5 and invite only tier of the service leaked

A brand new PlayStation Stars Diamond tier has been revealed by the dataminers, which has still been kept as a secret by Sony.

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PlayStation Stars Diamond tier leak

Players have questioned whether Sony will introduce a service like Xbox's Microsoft Rewards program ever since the PlayStation Store launched. Such a service where players can redeem points for a wide range of goodies in exchange for their gameplay, accomplishments, and purchases.

A rewards program called PlayStation Stars pushes users to complete weekly tasks in exchange for rewards like digital artifacts and other PlayStation products like games and more. The number of awards claimed by a participant determines which tier they will move up to next.

Although Game Pass-style tiers have been added to PS Plus for PlayStation users, PlayStation Stars, Sony's planned loyalty program, is still on the way.

Although some of the tiers have already been made public, it seems that Sony has a secret tier in its new PlayStation Stars service. The PlayStation Stars loyalty rewards program may have a hidden, unreported Diamond tier, according to data miners. To learn more, continue reading.

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New PlayStation Stars Tier - Diamond leaked

Information found in "the PlayStation mobile app" indicates, in the words of Redditor the andshrew, that "there may be a yet to be announced and exclusive 5th tier of the PlayStation Stars service - accessible by invitation only."

The Redditor said, "The fifth tier is named Diamond and has the qualifications defined as Invite only to Diamond Level. Players will receive a Legendary grade collectible known as Level 5 Diorama - Bot's Don't Breathe, which is embellished with several Astro Bots, for reaching this PlayStation Stars Diamond tier, which is not currently accessible.

The PlayStation Stars service is characterized as having four tiers in the official announcement. The PlayStation Store must be used to buy entire games in order to go from Level 1 to Level 4, and "uncommon" trophies must be obtained. Access to Level 4 of PlayStation Stars requires four full game purchases and 128 unusual trophies. Perks include customer support chat priority and a special "celebration collectible."

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What wasn't mentioned is that the PlayStation Stars rewards service may have a fifth, unannounced tier that data miners found after looking at a recent upgrade to the PlayStation App. The criteria for invitation to Diamond Level, however, have not yet been established.

The Diamond PlayStation Stars tier's description reads, "It appears as though there is nowhere to hide in an infinite sea of stars. But if you had let obstacles like that stop you, you wouldn't be here. Greetings from Level 5." Similar to previous tiers, Sony appears to award Diamond members with a digital item, which is depicted as a PlayStation-like satellite covered in Astrobots.

Why Sony chose to hide the PlayStation Stars Level 5 is a major mystery still. The most likely explanation is that Sony chose against using it. It is possible that Sony wants it to appear secretive and exclusive because doing so motivates PlayStation Stars players to purchase more games and finish more tasks. Or another explanation is that it might only be present in code snippets and will not be released.

We can only wait for the launch of the new PlayStation Stars program till time reveals which theory is right.

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Well, that is it for now on the PlayStation Stars Diamond tier, we will certainly update you with the latest info when it becomes available, so keep following.

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