Sonic Frontiers - review, features, gameplay, story, trailers, more

Sonic Frontiers will be released tomorrow, and we have brought everything that you should know before being glued to this new open world of Sonic Frontiers.

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Sonic Frontiers review

The hedgehog’s sudden and speedy swoop into the open world is exactly what Sonic Frontiers is all about.

The remarkable and dangerous Sonic cycle is still on, taking over the Sonic Frontiers. With the release of the great Sonic originals, Sonic Frontiers follows with great graphics and attractive features. The one, The only, 'Run fast, grind rails, jump on robots', formula, is a rather flexible and travelable outing for the Blue Blur.

-Scared but eager and hopeful, I must say I do end up expecting the bad of things, through it all I’m very eagerly waiting for the new arrival of the Sonic game series.

So with a little introduction taken into consideration, here’s what you, as an interested someone, need to know before indulging in this new world of Sonic Frontiers, standing out, be it for the good or bad, Sonic has a way of getting on top with the crazy Sega's true blue mascot.

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Sonic Frontiers is coming out on the 8th of November, this year, 2022. This precious Information has been told to us by Sega, in August during Gamescom.

This came in hot from the director of Sonic Frontiers that the making of this game is finally done and the wait is over for all, making the grand entry at the start of November, taking up with the latest, “Holiday 2022”.

Translated and recorded tweet came to us by Noisy Pixel, Kishimoto said, “We are finally done with and the completed, official masterpiece is here!” and it can be used on all hardware platforms. Further adding, “ biggest thanks to the people who took time out from their life to send in their enthusiastic feedback and due to that, we have announced an early release date! The audience is the main support system and without them, nothing would have been possible”.

“Thinking back about all this, it’s rather sad, not sad but tiring sort of as it took us full five years and everyone’s been in on this project but now it’s finally and officially out and with a smile on everyone’s face we will move on the next big project”.

-Also it has been noted from the Noisy Pixel that “master up” is Japanese game development lingo that sums up the concept of “going gold”, in English.

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The release of the latest and new Sonic Frontiers trailer was put up during the Opening Night live at Gamescom.

Though it has been called a 'Story trailer' of Sonic Frontiers by the team, it does focus on the new world of Sonic Frontiers and indeed it would be incomplete without the traditional running and bouncing platforming sections, that have been added too.

Viewers were worried that this year Sonic Frontiers may not focus more on Sonic but lay back and enjoy as there will be a lot of Sonic to see, be assured.


For all the curious heads, who want to know if, "Sonic frontiers is on PC?" Here is the waited answer.

And the answer, due to the raising demand, is, of course, YES! Sonic Frontiers will be available for streaming on your PCs.

You can also stream it on every console, including the Switch! Isn’t it exciting! And to add to this joy, no extra system is required.

This has been announced for Sonic Frontiers but as the rates are way down for the Switch and last-gen consoles like PS4 and the Xbox one, you will not be in need of a big 'ol machine to run this at lower settings.

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I’m sure everyone will agree Sonic series has been into some dangerous stuff before (how can we forget the rubbish RPG by Bioware and ugh of course that Werehog one!)

But here’s a promising premise, Sonic Frontiers can indeed be the biggest and the greatest one yet. And with a much less restrictive atmosphere in this new world of Sonic Frontiers, we can gladly say that Frontiers will bring us something different than Sonic Adventure and Sonic '06.


Going out from Sonic’s usual comfort zone, leaving behind the old world of cartoons and the usual abstract ways, this time Sonic Frontiers will be taking up more on the natural-looking islands, dense forests, and even the fields of flowers and of course the cliffs to travel, with the graphics are to die for!

Now Sonic will even have some special additional movement options. It has to be admitted that Sonic Frontiers has had his time taking inspiration from the Breath of the Wild. This has been said because there are a visible amount of mini puzzles showing us the collectible things of the grand underworld.

As seen from the trailer and the footage of Sonic Frontiers, the dodges and rapid melee combos have been on the rise with an increased focus on combat. Throughout the whole game, Sonic will be able to activate much cooler features and new combat abilities plus the crazy ability to shoot swarms of energy blades on the bad guys PLUS A MELEE PARRY MOVE!!

It’s a rather different take on everything, this is nothing like what’s Sonic’s been used to, this time he’s taking everything to another level! All can admit that Sonic’s statement move towards combat would have been to bounce past and move out of the way as quickly as he will be able to but time is bringing in the Sonic that knows how to stand and fight the enemy.

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In this world, on this Sonic Frontiers, Sonic’s ready to head to the lands of mysterious Starfall Islands. Starfall Islands, once the home of the high civilization, is now lost in this but it was a home for many. But our concern is what actually lies behind this great fallen island.

It has been heard that there are open miles and largely unused and new lands that hold mysterious secrets for floating, grind-rails and techno-ruins platforms. But here's the catch, Sonic still cannot escape even when everything is on his side, why? Because of the damn killer robots!!!

sonic frontiers review, sonic frontiers enemies, sonic frontiers gameplay, sonic frontiers story, sonic frontiers features, sonic frontiers characters, sonic frontiers

Just because they are cool looking with awesome visuals and abstract-looking features, still it doesn’t overlook the fact that they are here to kill Sonic. But gotta admit they are way cooler than Eggman's usual designs. At least Sonic won’t laugh at this.

Previews in October 2022 show that 'Cyber Space' levels were in fact, inspired by Sonic’s past adventures, isn’t that exciting? This time it won’t be only about the same old speed-focused levels. There will also be features for returning enemies from the older games. These randoms in Sonic Frontiers are possibly throwbacks to the old ways of the Green Hill Zone and the Chemical Plant Zone.

But would it be a Sonic classic if they didn’t introduce us to some marketable friendly character to talk with? Also just to add to the IDW’s ever-changing and ever-growing cast of the comic, the devs gotta introduce us to some new members.

There seems to be this mysterious and intriguing figure of a girl in Sonic Frontiers that has been introduced to us this time. She looks fascinatingly scary as she appears to be this protector with her whole holographic and glitchy red vibe but we are sure she will fit in quite properly.

There have been a few leaks and according to them, it has come to our knowledge that this new Sonic Frontiers female character appears to be hostile and she seems to be acting in opposition at first ( convincing Sonic to leave the Starfall Islands).

But to be fair here and we know how good their friendship will be so I’m all for believing in the odds of it. However, it does look like Sega will be forgetting about this special character as soon as the game comes out. But the truth is to be seen.

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Hate to be the one to say this,s but the custom make-a-mascot lead character, the protagonist of the Sonic Forces is nowhere to be found.

Sadly, it seems like Sonic will be doing the job alone, without the help of his buddy in Sonic Frontiers. But there has been news that Tails & Amy might make an entrance during the start. And we are looking forward to it eagerly.

Even though the group has been separated because of the sad incident where they fell through a portal and left Sonic alone and scared, he was left looking for the Chaos Emeralds ( the ultimate in all-purpose MacGuffins), to add this, it has been guided by a weird/interesting AL's voiceover.

Needless to say, as long as Chaos Emeralds are involved so is the Eggman. They must be prepared because Chaos Emeralds are much more dangerous as they can be found anywhere! It’s been said that some of his hardware is being set up on the island itself.

Also, be ready to see him take down the bad robot guys at some point in the game. Let’s see how this works because this time everything has changed, the approach of the enemies has changed and for the worst, as was expected.

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Behind this amazing game, it is, in fact, being developed by Sega's original Sonic Team, under the guidance of the producer Takashi Iizuka.

Ever since he got the place of the being the key designer of the Game Designer on Sonic 3. Having his hits (Sonic generations & colors) and not-so-high hits (Sonic Lost World & Forces) some people claim to know Blue Blur better than him.


Many are interested in knowing who’s behind the musical production of Sonic Frontiers and here we are to tell you that of course there are no crazy Crush 40 vocal tracks or the mad bouncy FM jams to be noticed so far.

So far so good. But we can eagerly anticipate some piano-based classic pieces for discovering the grand underworld. How can we forget the occasional occurrence of the guitar and strings heavy 'epic metal' piece? This will come with the fights and as Sonic takes on his enemies.


The former IGN's gameplay footage can be heard at the start and at the end we are introduced to the Nintendo Direct Mini.

As for me, I’m more of an old-fashioned person so I’m looking forward to some old-school tunes and pieces in between the Cyberspace stages. Is it just me or does not being super into and enthusiastic about Sonic’s classic music seem crazy?

But looking beyond Bioware RPG's crazy soundtracks, music has always been something that interests everyone. Now be prepared as this time Sega is coming with a whole another idea too, yet again, blow your mind.

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Well, there is always another side to everything. All the good has its bad parts too and as was expected some people are unhappy with this coming of Sonic’s adventure in Sonic Frontiers.

We do have a great number of people on our side and they are all we need but we have to dive into what others also think, partly for the development of it. The most common and visible technical situation with Sonic Frontiers will have to be the environmental pop-up seen in the open underworld.

Hoping that the Sonic Frontiers PC version will allow us to maintain distances further back with the more powerful hardware.

There have been some confusion and criticism from the open world environment end too even as the Cyberspace levels and stages have done a lot in helping to reduce this. But we have to agree that the techno ruins feel a little like JRPGs sorta.

Can’t lie but why does it remind me of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Which will be yet another production from Sonic Team. No, I’m not thinking about Sonic in everything but it’d clearly remind me of that.

Some sound-minded and rather intelligent experts have some grumbles talking about the weird physics movement as seen in the Sonic Frontiers trailer shown by Gamescom. But I personally think these game series are in this for the long run. However, fans can form their own opinion as they have been a part of this too.

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