Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest - how to start, open pensieve chamber and find treasures

Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest can be challenging for some, and hence we have a guide for you to find both San Bakar’s Trial quest location and its treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest

On February 10, the open-world role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy was launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Later this year, the game will also be released on last-gen platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, began offering early access on February 7. And the open-world Harry Potter RPG has now overtaken other games on Twitch in terms of popularity since its release.

Players can stroll about the Hogwarts castle and its enchanted surroundings in the game. The setting itself, though, which is just jam-packed with almost everything one would want in a Potter game and more, is even better. Players will find themselves exploring the stone-cobbled corridors and hidden passageways of Hogwarts, riding a broomstick through the Forbidden Forest, and venturing into pitch-black caverns illuminated only by the glow of your Lumos spell.

Hogwarts Legacy also has a tonne of quests, collectibles, and activities for new fifth-year students to complete as they explore the wizarding world. One of them asks you to come face to face with a fierce beast unlike any you have ever encountered as part of the Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest.

San Bakar’s Trial quest in Hogwarts Legacy can be a little challenging, but as you figure out the map and defeat opponents, it gets quite easy. Below we have detailed the Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest route and how to find the treasure.

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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest

The exploring aspect of Hogwarts Legacy is its primary experience, and it is intriguing to find new ways to engage with the exquisitely designed setting as you play.

The fourth and final Keeper Trial is completed, the truth about what happened to Isidora is revealed, and you come face to face with a fierce beast unlike any you have ever encountered in San Bakar's Trial, one of the main missions in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial is the last main story quest in the Prepare for Your OWLS Quests. It requires you to explore the map chamber in Hogwarts Castle.

Now that Lodgok has been murdered by his own brother, we must inform the Keeper about Ranrok's schemes, which we have just learned of.

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How to begin Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial

It is advised to begin this Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest after completing Lodgok’s Loyalty and achieving level 24 because there are numerous foes in it. The protagonist's primary goal here is to get Graphorn Mount while facing difficulties in the pprocess.

Well, let's first go through the objectives of Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial quest before we get to the detailed walkthrough of it.

  • Go to the Map Chamber
  • Speak with Professor Fig
  • Meet Professor Fig at San Bakar’s Pensieve Chamber
  • Find the Clue to Open the Pensieve Chamber
  • Search for the Lord of the Shore
  • Enter the Graphorn’s Den
  • Subdue the Lord of the Shore
  • Return with the Graphorn to the Pensieve Chamber
  • Witness the Pensieve Memory
  • Use the Magical Passageway
  • Speak with the Keepers

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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial

The quest reveals that a Graphorn is required to open the door to the Pensive chamber. The horrifying fact that Isidora was performing experiments on Hogwarts children was then made clear by San Bakar's reflective memory. She was challenged by the Keepers, and the ensuing combat took her life.

Now that we are aware of the items needed to create a special wand that will unlock the ultimate repository, we must ask Mr. Ollivander to create the wand.

You must either understand the map or do the following steps in order to find the treasure and defeat Ranrok:

Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial - Go to the Map Chamber

  • After you tell the Keepers and Professor Fig that Ranrok possesses Bragbor's notebook, which contains the location of the last repository, they explain that the last Trial calls for a high level of competence and deft animal management.
  • Go to the Map Chamber, Hidden Room, and quest marker after warping to Hogwarts Castle.

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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial - Meet Professor Fig at San Bakar’s Pensieve Chamber

  • Make your way to the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame location, which is north of the waterway to the right of Manor Cape.
  • You'll need to cast Confringo on the dense undergrowth that covers the stone carving in front of you before you can meet Professor Fig there.

Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial - Lord of the Shore

  • By doing this, you can see a carving of a Graphorn, which shows why handling animals is necessary.
  • Professor Fig leaves for the Map Chamber as you head out to fight and defeat the "King of the Shore," as you must do this on your own.
  • You can find a sizable whale skeleton if you travel to the far southwest corner of the map, in the Clagmar Coast region. Enter the den in front of you to start a cutscene where the Graphorn referred to as the Lord of the Shore appears.
  • To defeat the Lord of the Shore, you can make use of any spell in your collection as well as Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throws.
  • The Graphorn will start charging in a scene after you've eventually taken him out. You have the choice to either kneel or attack. By selecting "Kneel," you can stop the monster in its tracks, gain access to it as an ally, and use it as a mount option indefinitely from this point on.

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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial - Take Graphorn to the Pensieve Chamber

  • Using the Graphorn's charging ability to ram past any blockades the Poachers have set up in your way, run with it back to the Pensieve Chamber you visited with Fig at the start of the quest.
  • You will have the Graphorn mount once the cutscene is through! To quickly get to the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame, open your map. There, call up the Graphorn once more. Once the cutscene starts, remain still on the neighboring stone circle.
  • Dismount the Graphorn and approach San Bakar's image within the room. After first refusing to provide this information to you, he now concedes that you are deserving of it.
  • To examine San Bakar's memories on the Pensieve, descend the stairs further and enter the room beyond. San Bakar discovers Isidora's father to be emotionless during his visit to the Morganach home. He then tells Rackham about this because the professor has heard that Isidora is even using her magic on her own students. As a result, Rackham and the other professors confront Isidora close to one of her repositories.
  • You should turn around and utilize the enchanted stone passageway to go back to the Map Chamber after the memories are over and you have left the Pensieve.

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Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial - Speak with the Keepers

  • When you get there, go up to Rackham's portrait and talk to the Keepers there. It has been made known that the final repository, located in the caverns below Hogwarts, is the repository in the memory.
  • After you've finally gained Rackham's trust, he tells you that you must first make a wand out of the artifacts you discovered above each Keeper's pensieve.

Well, with this, you have completed Hogwarts Legacy's San Bakar’s Trial main mission.

The Hogwarts Legacy San Bakar’s Trial rewards for completing the quest include:

  • 260 XP
  • Graphorn Beast entry
  • Graphorn Mount
  • Grappling with a Graphorn Trophy
  • The One Who Mastered the Memories Trophy

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Yes, this exciting and thrilling adventure will give you both exciting gameplay and lots of useful cosmetic items.

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