Rainbow Six Y8S1 patch notes - operator and weapon balancing, immersive reloading, mousetrap, more

Rainbow Six Y8S1 patch notes have been shared by the developers, revealing the info on weapon balancing, gadget balancing, and operator balancing changes.

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Rainbow Six Y8S1 patch notes

Over the weekend, Ubisoft released information about what will be included in Year 8, Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege. The new season, dubbed Commanding Force, will introduce a new operator, update gameplay settings, and resolve keyboard and mouse issues.

According to Ubisoft, the start of the next season will be on March 7. This season brings with it another new Operator, as was originally promised. Brava, a native of Brazil is the Agent this time.

Along with the addition of this operator, Ubisoft is making significant adjustments to the gameplay systems. By introducing the new reload system, Ubisoft hopes to restore some tactical realism to Siege. In addition, Ubisoft has chosen to increase the efficiency of the Compensator and Muzzle Brake attachments.

Additionally, the Siege devs elaborated on the modifications coming to the Commanding Force Season Test Server and the reasons why particular adjustments had to be made in the Designer's Notes published on February 20th.

Here are the whole Rainbow Six Y8S1 patch notes, which include Reload Cancellation, Zero Buff, operator and weapon balancing, and more.

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Rainbow Six Y8S1 notes - Operator Balancing

Well, along with lots of system balancing, the developers have detailed the Operator balancing coming with Rainbow Six Y8S1. So, let's begin with that


    • The camera won't pierce the surface automatically.
    • The piercing action can only be initiated by Zero and only when controlling a deployed Argus Camera.
    • Once the camera has pierced a surface, any living attacker can swap sides.

The devs intend to improve two aspects of Zero's gadget with this change.

The original camera should be able to be positioned in many places, according to developers. As it won't automatically pierce a wall, the player can put it wherever they like without worrying that it will be exposed from the opposite side. This should heighten the sense of stealth in setting up the player's camera network covertly and using it when the player's squad is in position.

Second, the developers are widening the window of opportunity following surface penetration. As piercing walls requires manual involvement, the player will be in front of the camera while this action takes place.

Players will be able to acquire information or deal with some utility before it is destroyed by defenders thanks to the new adjustments made to ZERO with R6 Y8S1, which was a possibility before players had access to their camera before this change.

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Rainbow Six patch Y8S1 notes - Weapon Balancing


    • Compensator effectiveness increased.
    • Horizontal recoil: Reduction of 35% (from 15%).

We normalized the compensator’s distribution to give players tools to customize weapon recoil, but the Compensator is not strong enough to compete with the latest changes to the other muzzle attachments. We hope that this change will make it an option again.


    • Muzzle Brake effectiveness increased.
    • First shot kick: Reduction of 50% (from 45%).

The Muzzle Brake is in the same situation as the Compensator but is more balanced on DMRs, so we will increase the bonus slightly.

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    • If you interrupt the reload animation after the magazine is removed the weapon will remain without a magazine until the animation is completed.
    • The ammunition is available once the magazine is attached to the weapon.
    • If the weapon uses a closed bolt system, a bullet will remain in the chamber, if a reload of a partially spent magazine is interrupted. You can shoot this bullet at any time.

The devs stated, "Right now, reloading a weapon does not carry the same weight as other actions in the game as you can cancel it at any moment without consequence. Additionally, it can be frustrating when you hear someone reloading, start to push because you think they will be vulnerable, but they aren’t."

We want to encourage thought before taking an action because you can end up in a situation where there is no place to reload your weapon safely. You’ll have to be careful when taking on several engagements in a row. We also want to discourage random pre-firing; we’ve already made changes in this direction by reducing the maximum number of magazines on every weapon. So now, wasting bullets without a reason can put you in a disadvantageous position if the enemy waits until you reload to attack.

Additionally, this will make secondary weapons more impactful, as they will be your backup plan if you need to defend yourself while reloading. Going with the secondary shotgun or the Gonne-6 may now require more thought regarding the best loadout vs. survivability.

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Rainbow Six patch Y8S1 notes - Quality of Life Improvements


    • Deceleration power: Increased to 14 (from 5.9). You will stop sooner when releasing the input.

We are making the Shock Drone respond better to player input. This will be represented with less sliding when stopping. The overall responsiveness of the drone will feel snappier and give the player more precise control over their gadget.

Rainbow Six Y8S1 notes - Mousetrap

The console version of Rainbow Six Siege may finally be addressing keyboard-and-mouse (KBM) supremacy, according to a teaser that shows a danger notice next to a computer mouse symbol.

Despite the fact that Rainbow Six Siege does not support cross-play between its PC and console versions, some players have been employing input translation devices, such as the infamous XIM adapter, to play the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game with KBM controls.

This leads to what many consider to be an unfair edge in the game's FPS combat, yet up until now, these exploits have gone unchecked.

Console users will be happy to hear that the MnK issue will finally receive some attention from Rainbow Six Siege developers. Years have passed since this problem first appeared, and it appears that Year 8 may finally bring about a resolution.

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Rainbow Six Y8S1 notes - Immersive Reloading

Reload-cancel gets a significant nerf in the new season. Currently, even though the animation indicates that the magazine is removed, players can cancel, reload, and fire the remaining rounds in their magazine.

In R6 Y8S1, your gun will only have one bullet if you cancel a reload after the magazine has been taken out, presuming you reloaded with some extra ammo. Players will be forced to consider their surroundings before deciding to reload their weapons as a result of this.

Rainbow Six Y8S1 notes - Beginner Challenges

Because there are so many interconnected game concepts in Rainbow Six, it can be exceedingly difficult for beginners to understand. Basic Challenges, which will instruct newcomers about the game, will be introduced by Y8S1. They even come with incentives, such as Renown Boosters or new operators.

Hence, the most recent upgrade looks quite promising. On March 7, be sure to verify these changes on game consoles for yourself.

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