Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest - how to start, defeat enemies, and find Triptych

A guide on Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain is essential for those who wish to know how to start the quest, defeat enemies, and find Triptych.

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Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest guide

The 36th main quest in Hogwarts Legacy is titled In the Shadow of the Mountain. In this quest, you accompany Sebastian, looking for the third and final piece of the Undercroft triptych to learn more about Isidora and her magical prowess.

Information about the Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest indicates, "In Sebastian discovered more of Ranrok’s Loyalists swarming around another cavern. We decided to fight past them and find out what they sought. In our search, we discovered more runes like the ones on the note from the triptych. We then battled a troll and a nasty infestation of spiders before finding the final piece to the triptych and another passageway back to the Undercroft."

"We returned and placed the final canvas in the triptych, unlocking a Pensieve memory. We watched it and learned that ancient magic has healing potential. Sebastian believes we can use this power to cure Anne."

It is advised to begin this Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest after completing Professor Howin’s Assignment (Bombarda) and achieving level 24 because there are numerous foes in it. Bombarda, the Explosive Charm, which we now know how to use, should let us scale the mountain and get to the southern parts. The protagonist's main objective in this quest is to see Sebastian.

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Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain Objectives

Well, let's first go through the objectives of Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest before we get to the detailed walkthrough of it.

  • Meet Sebastian Along the Coast
  • Travel Up the Switchbacks
  • Defeat All the Enemies
  • Continue Up the Mountain
  • Defeat the Guards
  • Enter the Caverns
  • Search for Runes
  • Defeat All of the Enemies
  • Unlock the Rune Door
  • Search for the Triptych Segment
  • Defeat the Troll
  • Search for the Triptych Segment
  • Unlock the Rune Door
  • Investigate the Chamber
  • Use the Magic Passageway
  • Place the Canvas into the Triptych

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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain quest

You must either understand the map or do the following steps in order to find the treasure and discover the Undercroft triptych.

  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Meet Sebastian Along the Coast

You must pass through a mine to get to the southern districts. There is only one way there: through a mine. You cannot fly or walk there. Whenever you return outdoors, you'll be able to fly once more. When you are able, head over to the quest marker and speak with Sebastian.

If you encounter Sebastian on the northwest shore of Marunweem Lake, he will inform you that nearby Ranrok's Loyalists have found another cavern, and you will both agree that the subsequent part of the triptych is probably inside.

Sebastian will charge into a goblin camp near the entrance so move up the hillside along the meandering routes in that direction. After clearing all the local enemies, speak with Sebastian briefly and reprimand him for his bravado, but he won't listen.

  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Continue Up the Mountain

Take down the few Goblins you come across as you climb the slope, climbing where necessary. Soon after, you'll reach another small Goblin camp, which you can now stealthily approach if you like.

Loot the area, making careful to light the Tower Tunnel floo flame here, and then proceed to the quest marker to access the caverns.

After dealing with all the nearby foes, have another chat with Sebastian. In the end, you are able to calm him down and get him to listen to reason so that you can go up the steps and into the Tower Tunnel.

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  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Search for Runes

As you move along the trail after entering the tunnel, different Thornback Spiders, including a Matriarch, will ambush you. At the fork in the path just ahead (with rocky debris to the left), proceed down the path to the right. Deal with them all as you deem appropriate.

A few more spiders will appear shortly, and then you'll reach a staircase. Head up the steps, Confringo/Incendio the dust, then Depulso the obstructions in your way.

You will now be in a big area where dozens of spiders, including two Matriarchs, will drop from the ceiling. Once all of them have been destroyed, check the Rune Door that is just up the stairs.

  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Unlock the Rune Door

Three symbols need to be struck with your Basic Cast: two are on either side of the door (the right one needs to have cobwebs removed before you can strike it), and the third is embedded in the wall directly behind you (if you're facing the door from the front).

You can exit the room by using your Basic Cast to quickly hit each of the three to open the door.

Another entry from Isidora's journal can be found in a container against the wall in the corridor up ahead. You can slide through the enormous wall hole at the end of the passage to start a boss battle with a Mountain Troll and a few spiders. Defeat each enemy in this stage.

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  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Search for the Triptych Segment

Restart looking for the segment now. Take whatever you can, even from the tiny room hidden behind the wooden barrier. Light the bowl next to the statue inside to reveal a little chest. Reparo can now be used on the disorganized stairs in the main chamber.

Use the now-clear passageway to enter the following chamber, then Accio/Wingardium Leviosa the crate across to the room's collapsed stairway. Once it is set up, cast Levioso, then ascend by climbing up the stairs and onto it.

Go back down and ascend the steps on the left after climbing the stairs on the right and plundering the floor. There is only one route to travel and you cannot get lost, so move on to the following several quest marks. Isidora's Journal Entry 6/7 is located on a table inside the new space.

Bombarda should then be used on the wall once you've looted the chamber, including lighting the bowl by the statue to uncover a chest. Take the chest from the alcove on the right and proceed after climbing the slope and jumping over the gap.

  • Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of the Mountain - Place the Canvas into the Triptych

Another Rune Door can be found to the left around the corner. Cast Depulso to remove the debris in front of the door since one of the symbols is hidden there. Behind you, hanging over the dropoff that you had to cross to get to the door, are the other two symbols.

To open the Rune Door, use your Basic Cast to quickly strike all three. You'll uncover a base that Isidora built up for herself in the room beyond. Using the perches just to the right, ascend to the second story, and take the last triptych piece off the table there.

The surrounding magical stone wall can then be used to go straight to the Undercroft. Once you're back in the Undercroft, insert the last piece of the triptych into the wall to expose Isidora's hidden Pensieve.

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Although you are unsure of your skills or the Keeper's desire to teach you the techniques, you decide to maintain an open mind and at least entertain the notion for the time being. As you leave the memory, Sebastian is persuaded that this is how you and he can help save his sister, Anne.

Well, with this, you have completed Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain main quest.

The Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of the Mountain rewards for completing the quest include:

  • 260 XP

Yes, this exciting and thrilling adventure will give you both exciting gameplay and lots of useful cosmetic items.

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