All Minecraft Legends Piglins - complete list, their roles, and how to defeat bosses

Minecraft Legends piglins are a race of hostile mobs from the Nether led by the Great Hog, who intend to enter and contaminate the Overworld, and hence it becomes important to defeat them.

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All Minecraft Legends Piglins and how to defeat bosses

We got our best look yet at the strategy game when some uncut Minecraft Legends gameplay footage debuted at Minecraft Live 2022. But now that the game has been launched, fans are eager to explore this Overworld.

The gameplay of Minecraft Legends features a tonne of awesome new elements, monsters, and gameplay mechanisms, including the rideable Regal Tiger, a brand-new mob. Like the base game, the world's layout is likewise randomly generated, so each player's journey will be unique.

The final destination of the Minecraft Legends game is a Piglin base, which can only be reached by building a bridge with the materials collected before. You will defend relaxed communities and battle swarms of piglins in order to halt the spread of Piglin corruption. And to do that, you must know every Minecraft Legends Piglins.

The information about these Minecraft Legends Piglin enemies, their functions, and how to defeat them is provided in the guide below.

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Minecraft Legends Piglins

In Minecraft Legends, the antagonists are the Piglins, who escaped the Nether and are attempting to conquer the Overworld. Although Piglins is a well-known mob to players of vanilla Minecraft, they differ slightly in Minecraft Legends, and you won't have seen many variations before.

The Piglins are crucial to Minecraft Legends, much like in vanilla Minecraft. These hostile mobs can do significant damage and frequently arrive in hordes. The Minecraft Legends Piglins come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and not all of them are simple to defeat.

Do you want to know how many Piglins are there in Minecraft Legends? You can check the answer below.

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Minecraft Legends Piglins List

The roles and sizes of the Minecraft Legends Piglins vary. Some are simple, little armies that serve as the larger, more powerful bosses in the game's stages.

The following are all the Minecraft Legends Piglin enemies:

Minecraft Legends Bosses

  • Great Hog
  • The Beast
  • The Devourer
  • The Unbreakable

Minecraft Legends Troops

  • Blaze Runt
  • Brute
  • Lava Launcher
  • Mace Runt
  • Piglin Builder
  • Pigmadillo
  • Portal Guard
  • Spore Medic
  • Seeker
  • Sporeback
  • Warboar

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What is the role of each Piglin in Minecraft Legends?

As stated above, there are two categories of Piglins in Minecraft Legends - troops and bosses, and the following are the roles of each of them.


  1. Great Hog - Great Hog is the Leader of all Hordes
  2. The Beast - The Beast is the Leader of the Horde of the Hunt
  3. The Devourer - The Devourer is the Leader of the Horde of the Spore
  4. The Unbreakable - The Unbreakable is the Leader of the Horde of the Bastion


  1. Blaze Runt – All Hordes have access to the ranged attackers known as Blaze Runt. Blaze rods are thrown by them like spears.
  2. Brute – The Horde of the Bastion's top division is the brute. It destroys your allies in close quarters with a swift whirlwind strike.
  3. Lava Launcher – A Warboar with a cannon attached to its back is called the Lava Launcher. It is an expert at long-range strikes that completely destroy your constructions.
  4. Mace Runt – All Hordes have access to Mace Runt, a melee attacker. Despite being the least strong in the group, they are very numerous.
  5. Piglin Builder – These Piglins have the ability to build Piglins structures.
  6. Pigmadillo – Pigmadillo is the Horde of Hunt's elite unit. They readily bowl through obstacles and adversaries as they roll around like armored wrecking balls.
  7. Portal Guard – Any unit can use the colossal Brutes known as Portal Guard, which are incredibly resilient. They have limited choices for attacking foes at a distance but are capable of making powerful close-range attacks.
  8. Seeker – These Piglins, known as Seekers, are carrying explosive mushrooms that, when they burst, deal enormous harm to everything nearby, including the Seeker itself.
  9. Spore Medic – Using nether spores to heal their Piglin friends, the Spore Medic is a healing unit.
  10. Sporeback – The elite squad of the Horde of the Spore is called Sporeback. They use mushroom bombs to take down adversaries and render them helpless against other Piglins.
  11. Warboar – A warboar is an aggressive boar with tusks that gores prey as it charges past obstacles.

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How to defeat Piglins in Minecraft Legends?

With a few slashes of the sword, the less powerful Piglins can be destroyed. However, to defeat the Piglin bosses, you'll need to bring a larger army because they're stronger.

How to defeat The Unbreakable: Horde of the Bastion boss in Minecraft Legends?

  1. The leader of the Horde of the Bastion, a powerful Piglin is known as the Unbreakable, will construct a new fortress somewhere on the map when you destroy the last Portal that belonged to the Horde of the Bastion.
  2. When you look at your map, you'll notice that a new base has appeared where your challenge is waiting.
  3. You must proceed cautiously and demolish each building you come across. The Unbreakable, the portal, and a Bastion elite will all be in your path after you finally make it inside the main room.
  4. The fortress of The Unbreakable is like the others, but every structure there can repair itself. Hence, if you attack a building, make sure to totally destroy it; otherwise, it will ultimately regain its previous health.
  5. The Unbreakable is waiting at the top of the fortress; they begin the battle alone but eventually call in reinforcements. Send a lot of Zombies because The Unbreakable often concentrates on the closest foe.
  6. The Unbreakable has a powerful flamethrower as his primary attack, and because of this and his high health, he will build towers and barracks as soon as they are damaged.
  7. As soon as that occurs, divide your mobs between battling the Unbreakable and demolishing the structures.
  8. The fortress will fall if you keep fighting until the boss is defeated.

How to defeat The Devourer: Horde of the Spore boss in Minecraft Legends?

  1. The hardest base of the Horde of the Spore, which entails a lot of ramps and methodically demolishing every building in your route, must be navigated in order to reach the Devourer.
  2. You will eventually arrive at the platform where the Devourer is waiting. Destroy the other structures on that platform as soon as possible.
  3. Send in the Zombies after the enemies on the platform have been eliminated because they'll perform the best job of tanking damage and eroding the Devourer's health.
  4. When the Devourer's health hits 70%, they will move to a new platform. At 30%, they'll repeat the process, this time onto the last platform with the portal.
  5. By the time this occurs, you should be firmly established on the Devourer's former site, so take advantage of the chance to construct new spawners so that you won't have to go all the way to the bottom in search of fresh enemies.
  6. However, before you face the boss once more, you should defeat the elite unit of the Horde of the Spore on this last platform.
  7. More Piglins will be present during this final phase, overwhelming your army. It is time to rush in with as many Creepers as you can to eliminate the boss' remaining health.
  8. The Horde of the Spore is eliminated from the game as soon as the Devourer is killed by the instantaneous destruction of their Portal.
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All Minecraft Legends Horde bosses and The Great Hog 

How to defeat The Beast: Horde of the Hunt boss in Minecraft Legends?

  1. A strong adversary who charges around the field is called The Beast. The Beast will lead a massive army into the Overworld after the final Horde of the Hunt Portal is destroyed.
  2. The Beast will attack a village the next night and every night after that until he is vanquished.
  3. Zombies and skeletons are the most effective weapons against the Beast. Due to the high health of zombies, the Beast will be readily lured into engaging in melee combat with them.
  4. Keep your opponents off-balance with zombies while your towers, skeletons, and plank golems fire from all directions as the Beast always charges directly toward the Fountain. A few Mossy Golems should also be available for healing.
  5. Add some arrow towers to the village's perimeter too. Since they're not too expensive, you can swarm them anywhere the Beast is engaged in combat.
  6. When the Beast is vanquished or the Fountain is destroyed, the fight is over. If the latter occurs, just reclaim the Village and make another attempt. The Beast doesn't recover in between assaults, thus by simply fighting them night after night, you'll finally be able to defeat them.
  7. The Horde of the Hunt will eventually be exiled back to the Nether after the Beast is killed.

How to defeat The Great Hog: The Leader of all Hordes in Minecraft Legends?

  1. A cutscene will start playing as soon as you beat the third Horde Leader. In order to attack the Well of Fate, the Great Hog summons an army and builds a new Portal.
  2. After assembling your army, teleport to the village closest to the Well of Fate and advance toward the center of the map. Your army should now include all of the Firsts that you have woken.
  3. The Great Hog will stop attacking the Well of Fate once you arrive there and turn his attention to you. His spin attack can disperse your entire army, but the majority of your mobs ought to live and carry on the battle.
  4. Find patches of grass on the ground to clear an area for building while your mobs are occupying the boss.
  5. Build as many towers as you can after establishing spawners to replace your mobs that perish in battle.
  6. When the towers are complete, go back to the spawners with your troops and lure the Great Hog into the cluster of towers you have constructed.
  7. Once he arrives, you should restart your attack and keep spawning mobs to defeat the Great Hog boss.

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That concludes the list of Minecraft Legends Piglin enemies as well as the description of each boss's role and instructions on how to beat Piglin bosses.

We'll make sure to update you with the latest info, so keep following for more Minecraft news.

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