Final Fantasy 16 Weapons: How to Unlock, Equip, and Upgrade Weapons in FF16

This Final Fantasy 16 Weapons guide delves into the complex world of unlocking, equipping, and upgrading weapons in FF16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Weapons Guide

Final Fantasy 16 offers a wide variety of weapons for players to discover, purchase, craft, and upgrade throughout their journey. These weapons play a crucial role in aiding players in their adventures and ensuring their success against increasingly formidable enemies.

In this guide, we will provide a breakdown of the different methods to unlock and upgrade Final Fantasy 16 weapons.

How To Unlock Weapons in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, players will discover that Clive already possesses a sword, which he carries on his back before they begin their trip. Rosarian Oath is the name of the sword, which has a 55 Attack rating. Players can consistently inflict harm on their opponents by using the sword.

However, as the story progresses, the adversaries get tougher and will require more work to overcome. Therefore, you must acquire new weapons. The methods to unlock Final Fantasy 16 weapons are listed below.

Complete Main Quests

As players progress through the main storyline of Final Fantasy 16, new weapons become available. Some weapons are directly rewarded upon completing certain quests, while others become purchasable or craftable after specific quest milestones.


Players can craft weapons with the assistance of Blackthorne at his forge in Cid's Hideaway. Crafting weapons requires specific materials and a crafting fee. Throughout your journey in the world of Valisthea, you can collect materials necessary for crafting weapons. Certain weapons and upgrades can only be crafted after completing specific side quests or fulfilling Hunt Board requests.

Purchasing from Merchants

All weapon types in Final Fantasy 16 can be purchased from various merchants scattered throughout the game world. One notable location is Charon's Toll in Cid's Hideaway. As you progress in the game, new weapons become available for purchase. Be sure to check back regularly with the merchants to see what new gear is in stock.

Exploring the Overworld

The expansive world of Valisthea is filled with hidden treasures. As you explore different regions, keep an eye out for treasure chests and other lootable objects. Some of Final Fantasy 16's most powerful weapons can be found in hard-to-reach or well-hidden locations. Make thorough exploration a priority to acquire these valuable weapons.

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How to Equip Weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Equipping weapons in Final Fantasy 16 is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to equip new Final Fantasy 16 weapons for your character:

  1. Pause the game by pressing the pause button on your controller.
  2. In the menu that appears, navigate to the Gear & Eikon tab. This can be done by pressing R2 twice.
  3. Move the cursor to the "Weapons" sign displayed in the image and press the X button to open the weapons list.
  4. In the weapons list, you can view the stats and descriptions of each weapon. Compare them to determine which one suits your playstyle and needs.
  5. Select the desired weapon by moving the cursor over it and pressing the X button to equip it.
  6. Return to the game, and your character, such as Clive, should now wield the newly equipped weapon.

The same process can be followed to equip other gear such as belts, vambraces, and accessories. Simply navigate to the corresponding tabs in the Gear & Eikon menu and select the desired gear to equip.

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Upgrading weapons is a crucial aspect of enhancing your combat effectiveness in Final Fantasy 16. It allows you to improve a weapon's stats, unlock new abilities, and increase its overall damage output. Follow these steps to upgrade your Final Fantasy 16 weapons:

  1. Visit the Black Hammer, located in Cid's Hideaway. This is the primary location for crafting and upgrading weapons.
  2. Speak to Blackthorne, the blacksmith at the Black Hammer.
  3. Select the option to upgrade your weapons when prompted.
  4. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade from your inventory.
  5. Ensure you have the required materials and sufficient Gil to proceed with the upgrade. If you lack the necessary resources, you may need to gather them by exploring the world or completing quests.
  6. Once you have the materials, confirm the upgrade, and Blackthorne will enhance your weapon.

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It's important to note that not all weapons are upgradable, and some may require reaching specific points in the game or completing particular quests to unlock their upgrade options. Pay attention to the available upgrade options for each weapon and plan your progression accordingly.

With the knowledge of unlocking and upgrading Final Fantasy 16 weapons, you can now enhance your arsenal and face the game's challenges with confidence. Experiment with different weapon combinations, strive to acquire powerful gear and embark on an epic adventure through the captivating world of Valisthea.

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