Upcoming Genshin Impact Liyue Characters: new playable characters for future v4.4 leaks

New playable Genshin Impact Liyue Characters set to appear after version 4.4 have been revealed by new leaks.

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New playable Genshin Impact Liyue Characters Leak

The most recent Fontaine leaks in the Genshin Impact community have revealed fascinating information regarding upcoming playable Liyue characters. 

Guizhong and Liyue's Adeptus Cloud Retainer may be included in the game in the upcoming versions, according to Uncle A, a well-known leaker. Players may look forward to an exciting experience because this is the first time HoYoverse officials will make a deceased character playable. Let's dwell on the details of these fascinating leaks.

Upcoming Playable Liyue Characters in Genshin Impact: Cloud Retainer, Madame Ping, and Guizhong

Prominent Genshin Impact leaker Tao, via Uncle A, has recently shared an update that reveals Cloud Retainer, Madame Ping, and Guizhong are set to become playable Liyue characters in the game.

Cloud Retainer and Madame Ping have played significant roles in the story of Liyue, and Guizhong's presence has been heavily referenced throughout the game's narrative and events.

While these characters had been rumored to join the roster for a while, new leaks have solidified their inclusion. However, the leak does not provide a specific release window for these characters.

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What do we know about these upcoming Genshin Impact Liyue characters?

Cloud Retainer

Adeptus Cloud Retainer resides on Mt. Aocang in Liyue. She can be found in Archon Quests, Story Quests, and World Quests as a quest-only NPC.

Cloud Retainer's potential to become playable has been a subject of speculation among players. The character's human form was teased during the "Exquisite Night Chimes" event in Genshin Impact's Version 3.4, where she played a crucial role in the Lantern Rite event.

The Cloud Retainer is a white crane with blue, gold, and black plumage. Her eyes have red streaks beneath them, which she shares with Zhongli and Xiao. Cloud Retainer's human form is a tall woman with long, wavy hair with faint blue hues. Her hair is wrapped in a high ponytail and fixed with a hairpin shaped like a crane's beak.

Madame Ping

Madame Ping, commonly known as Streetward Rambler, is an NPC in Liyue Harbour. During the day, she can be found appreciating the Glaze Lilies on Yujing Terrace.

Madame Ping, another Adeptus in Liyue, has also been rumored to make an appearance in a younger form, further exciting the community.


Guizhong, who died during the ancient Archon War, may also make her in-game debut outside of animated cutscenes, according to the leaks.

One of the most interesting parts of the leak is the suggestion of Guizhong being reincarnated as a lady, possibly hinting at La Signora. This would be a significant development, as Guizhong's story is tied to the ancient Archon War and her association with Zhongli and the Adepti who looked after Liyue.

If this speculation proves true, it could actually increase the possibility of other deceased characters from Teyvat's past reappearing in the game.

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Upcoming Genshin Impact Characters in and after 4.0 update

As rumors swirl about the addition of Cloud Retainer, Madame Ping, and Guizhong, Genshin Impact's roster is expected to expand substantially in the coming patches.

Version 4.0 is set to introduce three new playable characters from the Fontaine region: Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet. Leaks also point to the character schedule for the next several patches, with highly anticipated characters like Furina and Wriothesley expected to appear early in Fontaine.

With Team China's recent leaks suggesting Cloud Retainer's debut in the upcoming Lantern Rites, likely during the Genshin Impact 4.4 update, many players speculate that Guizhong or Madame Ping might join her on limited banners.

The leaks come from reliable sources, but it's essential for players to take them with a grain of salt, as details may change as the game's development progresses.

As Genshin Impact continues to evolve and expand, the prospect of new playable Liyue characters opens up a world of possibilities for players. The leaks have ignited excitement within the community, and players eagerly await official confirmations and further details about these upcoming characters.

As the game's narrative unfolds and new regions are explored, Genshin Impact fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures with an ever-growing cast of characters.


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