Upcoming Honkai Star Rail Characters Leaks: 7 new 5-star and 4-stars

Honkai Star Rail players should get ready for thrilling adventures as seven new 5- and 4-star characters are expected to make their appearance after version 1.3, according to leaks. 

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Upcoming Honkai Star Rail Characters Leaks: 7 new 5-star and 4-stars

Honkai Star Rail, the popular mobile game developed by HoYoverse, is known for its regular updates that introduce brand-new characters with each version.

The latest leaks from Twitter user Inima__1 have unveiled intriguing information about upcoming HSR characters (both 5-star and 4-stars), adding to the excitement among players. In this article, we delve into the leaked details of the upcoming HSR characters and what players can expect in future updates.

Upcoming HSR characters: New 5-star Characters

According to the leaks, four new 5-star characters are set to make their debut in Honkai Star Rail in the future 1.x versions. They are:

  1. Topaz
  2. Jingliu
  3. Huohuo
  4. Argenti

While Topaz and Jingliu had been previously hinted at, Huohuo and Argenti are new additions that have piqued the curiosity of players. These characters are expected to become available after HSR 1.3 banner, following the release of Fu Xuan and Imbibitor Lunae.

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Topaz - The Enigmatic Fire Character

Topaz, a 5-star Fire character associated with The Hunt Path, is shrouded in mystery regarding her role in the game's story. Leaks suggest that she possesses the ability to summon Zhang Zhang, a helpful companion in battle. Players can look forward to exploring her unique skills and abilities as she joins the roster of playable characters.

Jingliu - The Ice Element Sword Master

Jingliu, a 5-star Ice Element character specializing in the Destruction Path, was once the master of Jing Yuan and the sword master of Xianzhou Luofu. However, she succumbed to Mara's influence and descended into madness. Escaping Starskiff Haven in the year 7380, she effortlessly froze every Cloud Knight sent to apprehend her. As a playable character, Jingliu promises to bring her enigmatic past and formidable sword skills to the battlefield.

Argenti - The Devout Knight of Pure Beauty

According to the renowned leaker Mero, Argenti is a 5-star unit from the “Order of Pure Beauty,” devoted to spreading the name of the star goddess Idrila across the universe. He follows the Path of The Erudition and focuses on delivering devastating AoE attacks. His element is Physical, and his kit leak suggests that he will scale damage of the ATK stat, stun enemies, and increase his own Crit Rate.

Huohuo - The Wind Character of Abundance

Huohuo, an upcoming 5-star Wind character, belongs to the Abundance Path, indicating her potential role as a support character. She may provide life-saving heal and game-changing buffs to support her team. As an apprentice judge of the Ten-Lords Commission on the Xianzhou Luofu, she is a timid and vulnerable little fox girl, yet she shoulders the responsibility of capturing evil spirits. Players can anticipate her unique support skills and charming personality.

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Upcoming HSR characters: New 4-Star Characters

In addition to the 5-star characters, the leaks also hint at the arrival of three new 4-star characters starting after HSR 1.3 banners:

  1. Guinaifein: Fire Element, follows the Path of The Nihility. Provides Shields to the party and can stack a “Burning” debuff on foes.
  2. Hanya: Physical Element, follows the Path of The Harmony. A support-DPS hybrid unit, capable of dealing Physical DMG and generating Skill Points for the entire team.
  3. Xueyi: Quantum Element, follows the Path of The Destruction. A Quantum DPS with AoE damage capabilities, capable of lowering the Tenacity of foes.

Please note that the leaked information on these Upcoming HSR characters is subject to change in the final version of the game.

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Honkai Star Rail continues to captivate players with its regular updates and introduction of new characters. The recent leaks have provided a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the game, teasing players with intriguing details about upcoming 5-star characters like Topaz, Jingliu, Huohuo, and Argenti. Additionally, the arrival of three new 4-star HSR characters further enhances the excitement among fans.

As players eagerly await the release of version 1.3 and beyond, they can look forward to discovering the unique abilities and backstories of these new additions to the Honkai Star Rail universe.


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