Valorant Agent 24 - new Duelist Teaser hints at Iso's nationality and abilities

Valorant Agent 24, the new duelist has been teased by the Riot in the new "State of the Agents" post, hitting at their potential nationality and abilities.

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Valorant Agent 24 - the new Duelist teaser dropped

Riot Games has recently dropped tantalizing hints about the next Valorant Agent, Agent 24, sparking a wave of speculation and excitement within the community. While the details remain somewhat unclear, Riot has provided some new insights. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of what we know thus far about Valorant's 24th Agent: The New Duelist.

Valorant Agent 24: The New Duelist

As Valorant Episode 7 unfolds, Riot Games announced plans to introduce two new Agents, alongside a fresh map, in the year 2023. Among these two agents, one has been unveiled as the Sentinel Deadlock, while the other, a Duelist, is poised to make a grand entrance. This forthcoming agent marks the seventh duelist to join the ranks of Valorant, and the first since the introduction of Neon in January 2022.

On September 29, Riot Games teased the next Valorant Agent's origin through a cryptic image. In the visual, the Agent is depicted wearing gloves and skillfully using chopsticks during a meal. Intriguingly, the image is captioned "duckblood," potentially alluding to a popular Chinese delicacy. This suggests a strong possibility that the new Valorant Duelist may hail from China, a region where Valorant was recently launched in July.

Riot's tantalizing message accompanying the image reads, "This next Agent is for you." They further added a cryptic twist, hinting at something unexpected making its way into Valorant, signaling that astute fans may have already been on the right track in their speculations.

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The New Valorant Duelist teaser was captioned "duckblood".

In discussing the new Valorant Agent 24's abilities, Riot hinted that those who invest hours honing their aim with orbs in training sessions are in for a treat. This cryptic statement suggests an Agent akin to Jett or a pre-nerf Chamber, designed to flourish in the skilled hands of mechanically gifted players.

Speculation surrounding the new Valorant Duelist, currently codenamed "Architect" has been rampant since the leak of their card in Episode 7, Act 2's battle pass. Titled "Bulletproof," this card has ignited theories about the Valorant Agent 24's potential ability to withstand incoming damage. Additionally, keen-eyed players have dissected the card's design, speculating that it may hold the key to a new movement ability.

However, all these are mere speculations for now, and only official details can confirm Valorant Agent 24's nationality and abilities.

Valorant Gekko and Deadlock Kit Adjustments

Apart from the new Valorant agent, in a recent "State of the Agents" address, Riot Games delved into the roles of Gekko and Deadlock in the game's evolving meta.

The developers acknowledged that Deadlock, Valorant's recently launched Sentinel, has struggled to find her niche in competitive play. Her absence in Champions 2023 matches underscored her perceived weakness compared to stalwart sentinel agents like Killjoy or Sage. Riot is actively exploring enhancements to areas of Deadlock's kit, particularly focusing on her Sonic Sensor and GravNet abilities to enhance her adaptability.

Meanwhile, Gekko, classified as an Initiator, remains under close scrutiny. Riot is keenly observing the impact of recent balance changes on his viability in the meta.

As the community eagerly awaits the debut of the enigmatic new Valorant Duelist, these teasers and updates hint at a dynamic addition that promises to reshape the game's competitive landscape. While the exact details remain shrouded in mystery, anticipation continues to build for Valorant's 24th Agent.

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