Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen - Y9S1 operator, release date, reworks and updates

Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen will bring the new Y9S1 operator, with a lot of exciting reworks and updates.

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Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen

As the Six Invitational 2024 buzzes with excitement, it's easy for fans to overlook the current season approaching its conclusion in Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8. This year marked significant milestones for the game, introducing four new operators and a new map. Moreover, players will recall Operation Deep Freeze for introducing TubarΓ£o and balancing many aspects of the game like fragmentation grenades. However, they are already anticipating Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 and what awaits the player base after this season.

Well, Ubisoft has now officially unveiled R6 Y9S1, Operation Deadly Omen, the first season in Year 9 of Rainbow Six. And below is all that we know about R6 Operation Deadly Omen, its release date, the new Y9S1 Operator, and the upcoming content.



R6 Operation Deadly Omen Revealed

Today, Rainbow Six Siege officially unveiled its upcoming season, which includes the addition of a new Operator to Team Rainbow's squad. The enemy Deimos, who first appeared in Siege's backstory last year, is an upcoming R6 Y9S1 attacker operator with a potent device and a loadout.

The masked attacker lets you employ his extensive arsenal of weapons, including a brand-new sidearm that is exclusive to Siege and possesses 2-speed and 2-armor. He also provides an effective kit. R6 Deimos' primary weapon is a set of nano-helicopters known as Death Mark Trackers, which are able to locate defenders on a map. Since the trackers were first able to locate them via their drones, Deimos or his team will use them to find targets anywhere on the map. The attacker will only be allowed to use his firearm while utilizing the device.

Also, Operation Deadly Omen, as revealed by Ubisoft, is expected to introduce several quality-of-life enhancements to the game, including a thorough overhaul of the optics. The cherished 1.5x scope from the game will no longer be available for R6 Siege players, since there will only be three kinds of optics: 1x, 2.5x, and Telescopic.

The next season of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deadly Omen, as revealed by Ubisoft, is scheduled to launch on March 12, 2024. 


UPDATE: 23/02/24

R6 Y9S1 Cinematic Trailer Released

In a recent tweet, Ubisoft stated, "Deimos is back, but is Rainbow ready? Watch the team face off against their biggest threat."

The video description reads, “Nothing I say will save Rainbow. You're already dead!"

Continue the journey through a new narrative in the Rainbow Six Siege universe, where our elite Operators now face the challenge of confronting Deimos. Join us for the highly anticipated Six Invitational 2024, the pinnacle event in the Rainbow Six Siege calendar. Be prepared for thrilling announcements and updates that will shape the future of Siege.



New teasers on R6 Y9S1 Operator Gadget and Operation Deadly Omen dropped

While previous leaks claimed that Deimos will be the new R6 Y9S1 operator, new teasers or the cinematic drop from Ubisoft seems to confirm his inclusion in the next season.

In Rainbow Six Siege, players will take on Deimos in the upcoming Operation called Deadly Omen. Check out the Deimos story summary, which covers the entire backstory up until the launch, before he gets to the first-person tactical shooter.

Ubisoft has revealed that on the 24th of February, we will see the complete reveal of Operation Deadly Omen for Rainbow Six Siege. Also, we'll see the new operator's gadget in action, with Ubisoft stating, "Fight or flee. What will you when marked for the hunt?"


Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen

Operation Deadly Omen is poised to bring a fresh wave of content to Rainbow Six Siege, marking the commencement of Year 9 with promises of excitement for players throughout 2024.

While specific details about the operation remain shrouded in mystery, players can expect an attacker as the new R6 Y9S1 operator, along with additional content like cosmetics, a Battle Pass, and the potential introduction of a new map.

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Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen Release Date

As for the release date, Ubisoft has scheduled the grand reveal of Rainbow Six Y9S1 'Operation Deadly Omen' for February 24 at 12:30 PM ET, coinciding with the penultimate day of the Six Invitational 2024.

Although the precise release date is unknown, historical trends indicate that players can anticipate the R6 Y9S1 operation to start on March 11, which coincides with the conclusion of the Operation Deep Freeze battle pass.

Do note that Rainbow Six Siege's Year 9 will debut this season, implying that in addition to discussing Y9S1, the Ubisoft developers will also discuss their immediate future plans for the game!

Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen Operator

No, we don't have any official details on the R6 Y9S1 operator, however, even though Ubisoft has taken precautions to reduce leaks, certain information has come to light regarding the new operator in Operation Deadly Omen.

The teaser shows a little hole with debris and shrapnel coming from it, and fans are thinking that Team Rainbow may add an explosive Operator to their lineup, similar to Fuze.

Well, as the community speculates on the new operator's nationality, leaks hint at the possibility of an American operator. Moreover, a reliable insider, Ubi_Frax has also confirmed that Deimos, a long-standing Siege antagonist, will join the roster as a Y9S1 operator, wielding a new .44 Vendetta revolver.

Some of the other new features may use the same theming if R6 Y9S1 launches a new American operator. Maybe a new map with a US setting, or somewhere similar. But irrespective of the Operator's nation, players anticipate that Rainbow Six Siege will receive the standard round of upgrades and balance adjustments from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen - Upcoming Content

In terms of new content, Rainbow Six Siege Y9S1 has a lot of intriguing announcements. This may also contain the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace. Other features include a new battle pass, major ADS upgrades, a new operator, and a revamp of the shields.

In addition to all the upgrades, Ubisoft has been developing the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace, which will allow users to trade goods for previous weapon skins or R6 Credits. Prior to this, Ubisoft stated that the Marketplace would launch in Rainbow Six Year 9, however, it's unclear if this refers to the full feature in Y9S1 or just the Beta.

Other than this, it appears that balancing will be a top concern in R6 Y9S1 since Ubisoft has stated that significant adjustments to ADS are in the works, set to be fully revealed on February 24 during the Operation Deadly Omen showcase. Moreover, reworks will also be done to the Shields, which have been a component of Siege from the beginning and occasionally felt out of place with the playstyles that are used now.

In summary, Rainbow Six Operation Deadly Omen brings in an era of thrilling gameplay, introducing a new operator and a plethora of content. Players may anticipate the whole unveiling on February 24th at the Six Invitational 2024, as then more details will be available.

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