Valorant Clove - abilities, splash art, release date, teasers, and Agent 25 revealed

The next Agent 25, named Valorant Clove, has had his face leaked along with some information about his abilities, gameplay, and anticipated release date.

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Valorant Clove - Agent 25's splash art and abilities leaked

Riot Games is about to release 'CLOVE,' the 25th agent in Valorant, to change the current meta and provide players with an exciting challenge. First, there were leaks regarding the identity of Valorant Agent 25, and more recently, datamines have revealed Valorant Clove's face and their abilities.


UPDATE: 24/04/ 24

Valorant Clove Gameplay Revealed


UPDATE: 21/03/24

Valorant Clove's complete body has been revealed by new leaks


UPDATE: 20/03/24

Valorant Clove's in-development art 

New leaks have now revealed Clove's in-development art and the new Valorant Agent 25 seems pretty cool in all of them.


Valorant Clove Agent Splash Art Leaked

We now have the full picture of the next Valorant agent, Clove, courtesy of our reliable dataminer and leaker Mike (@ValorLeaks). 

We're not sure if this has anything to do with Clove's skills, but the base splash art appears upside down. In the first leaked image, Clove is seen with a purple tint, carrying a backpack and a short-sleeved hoodie. Clove is sporting a pink shirt with a shattered heart on the chest, short pink-purple hair, and an earring on their left ear. They also have a tiny choker and a white hoodie underneath.

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All in all, they're killing it with the color scheme that matches the other teaser images placed throughout several of the maps and VALORANT's clients. Along with their name and the butterfly motif, the image also has the words "Defy Definition" written all over it. These might be major clues as to the kind of agent they'll be when they hit the live servers.

Since Harbor was launched in October 2022, Clove will be the first controller for Valorant and its sixth overall. 'Pick me Up,' 'Meddle,' and 'Ruse,' as we know them, are among Clove's skills, and it seems that they can also revive themselves.

We can speculate that Clove will be the very first non-binary agent on the list and that they are from Scotland based on a few other leaks that have surfaced in the last few weeks. 

Valorant Agent 25 Name leaked

According to a reputable source, ValorLeaks, Valorant's 25th agent, who is characterized as a non-binary individual, goes by the name CLOVE.

There is a Deadlock email in the practice range, and Deadlock refers to Agent 25 as their "new friend" in this email. Moreover, Deadlock refers to the new Valorant character as "they". But players that choose German as their game language, can locate the identical email that refers to the individual as "Clove" rather than "they".

Hence, we now know that Agent 25's name is Valorant Clove, regardless of whether this was done on purpose or by error.

Possible Valorant Agent 25 CLOVE abilities

Leaked information suggests that the following will be three main Clove abilities:

  • Pick Me Up (C): Potentially similar to Jett's updraft ability.
  • Meddle (Q): Functionality remains unknown.
  • Ruse (E): Likely a smoke ability for obstructing sightlines.
  • Ultimate (Z): Speculated to be a self-revive mechanic, akin to Phoenix's ultimate.

While the ability names offer clues, the full extent of Clove's kit and ultimate ability remains shrouded in mystery. However, we can infer from earlier reports that some of the Clove's abilities will be able to revive them like Phoenix's greatest power. Also, as with previous Controller role agents, we may anticipate that Ruse will be Clove's smoke ability, enabling them to obstruct various sightlines across the battlefield.

But we're not entirely clear how the agent's complete kit will work together because the other two skills are a little more unclear.

Valorant Clove Release Date

At the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjav√≠k Grand Final, the 20th Agent Fade was introduced. Three days later, on April 27, 2022, she was made public. In keeping with this pattern, it appears quite probable that Valorant Clove and patch 8.06 will be released on March 26 or April 2, 2024.

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Valorant Clove Teasers

It appears from the teasers that Scotland will be Clove's nationality. The email that still exists between Deadlock and Brimstone—which is contained in the game files—confirms this information as well. Furthermore, pink and purple will be the theme colors for Clove as the character will have a pink jacket. Additionally, the character seems to be quite fashionable, as demonstrated by Killjoy's voice line throughout the game.

Moreover, the previous teasers like the two audio lines from Cypher and Phoenix that refer to Clove as "our little troublemaker" and "the new kid," also reveal that Clove is quite young and is either the same age as Neon or perhaps even younger.

Moreover, insights from the State of the Agents article confirm Clove's role as a Controller agent, with abilities likely focused on vision manipulation, self-revival, and possibly stealth mechanics. Below are a few speculated Cove abilities:

  • Clove won't have to stand far back like other Controller Agents because they will be able to use smoke or obstruct attackers' view from a closer range.
  • Clove will be capable of self-resurrection.
  • Clove could be able to disappear.
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While Riot Games has yet to unveil the full details of Clove's abilities and backstory, the teasers have sparked anticipation among Valorant players. It appears that CLOVE will be a major game-changer in Valorant, introducing new strategies and perhaps altering the competitive gameplay. I'm eager to see how everything turns out!

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