HSR Acheron Banner: 4-star characters and light cone in version 2.1

Phase 1 of Version 2.1 and the HSR Acheron Banner are highly anticipated by players, and details regarding the featured 4 stars and weapons have already been revealed.

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HSR Acheron Banner: 4-star characters and light cone in version 2.1

A two-part rollout for the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 banner is planned, with the first phase beginning on March 27, 2024, and the second phase anticipated to begin on April 17, 2024.

The addition of Acheron and Aventurine as two new playable characters is one of Version 2.1's most exciting features. Phase 1 will see the debut of Acheron, a much-awaited 5-star character, alongside Gallagher, a 4-star companion, whereas, Aventurine, another brand-new 5-star character, will debut in Phase 2.

Since the HSR Acheron banner's release is quickly approaching, we've gathered all the important facts, such as specifics on the four 4-star characters that are featured on her banner, the release date, her abilities, and more.

Will There Be an HSR Acheron Banner?

Yes. Players will be able to acquire Acheron with the Brilliant Fixation character banner in Phase 1. Moreover, Honkai Star Rail has officially revealed details about the character on its Twitter account, stating Acheron is the newest 5-star character in Electro Nihility Path.

It's no secret that dealing massive damage is the only thing that counts in Star Rail, therefore many players are searching for a strong, reliable DPS unit that can deal a ton of damage while requiring little upkeep. Currently, it's believed that Acheron takes care of it, thus many gamers will be interested in her and try to use the Stellar Jades for the Acheron banner.

HSR Acheron Banner 4 Stars

The first part of version 2.1 will see the launch of the Acheron banner in Honkai Star Rail along with Luocha, a dependable healer who is receiving his first rerun in patch 2.1.

Furthermore, HoYoverse has officially made public the list of four-star characters that will be appearing on Acheron's banner. The roster of HSR 2.1 banner 4-star characters includes Pela, Dan Heng, and the introduction of Gallagher. Here are all the HSR 2.1 Phase 1 banner 4-star characters:

  • Gallagher (Fire, Abundance Path)
  • Pela (Ice, Nihility Path)
  • Dan Heng (Wind, The Hunt Path)

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In addition to Acheron's banner, players will also get her renowned 5-star Light Cone, Along the Passing Shore, which should further improve her fighting abilities.

HSR Acheron Banner Release Date

According to the official announcement, the Acheron banner will be released during version 2.1's initial phase, on March 27, 2024. It is the same phase where Luocha's character banner will rerun via the Bygone Reminiscence system for those who missed it during his original release.

Considering various time zones, the HSR Acheron Banner will go up on:

  • March 27, 2024, at 12:00 PM in America (UTC/GMT-5)
  • March 27, 2024, at 12:00 PM in Europe (UTC/GMT+1)
  • March 27, 2024, at 12:00 PM in Asia (UTC/GMT+8)

HSR Acheron Weapon Banner 4 Stars

In the first half of version 2.1, Acheron's signature light cone, Along the Passing Shore, will be accessible in the Light Cone banner alongside Echoes of the Coffin and the following 4-star weapons:

  • Good Night and Sleep Well (Nihility)
  • Post-Op Conversation (Abundance)
  • Subscribe for More! (The Hunt)

HSR Acheron Abilities Leak

The following are the Acheron skills that were disclosed through leaks; however, it's important to remember that HoYoverse has not yet officially confirmed any of this information:

  • Basic Attack: Trilateral Wiltcross - Gains 1 point of Slashed Dream. Then inflicts 1 stack of Crimson Knot on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% (130%) of Acheron's ATK to them.
  • Skill: Octobolt Flash - Gains 2 points of Slashed Dream. Inflicts 2 stacks of Crimson Knot on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% (200%) of Acheron's ATK to them, as well as Lightning DMG equal to 30% (75%) of Acheron's ATK to adjacent targets.
  • Ultimate: Slashed Dream Cries in Red
    • Triggers Rainblade, dealing Lightning DMG equal to 14.4% (28.8%) of Acheron's ATK to a single target enemy and removing up to 3 stacks of Crimson Knot from the target enemy.
    • When Crimson Knot is removed, immediately deal 1 instance of Lightning DMG equal to 9.0% (18.0%) of Acheron's ATK to all enemies. Each stack of Crimson Knot removed will increase the DMG multiplier by an additional 9.0% (18.0%).
    • Rainblade can be activated 3 times, which then immediately activates Stygian Resurge, dealing Lightning DMG equal to 39% (78%) of Acheron's ATK to all enemies and removing all Crimson Knots. During the Ultimate, Crimson Knot cannot be inflicted on enemies.
  • Talent: Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness
    • When Slashed Dream reaches 9 points, the Ultimate can be unleashed. The Ultimate ignores Weakness Types and depletes enemies' Toughness, as well as reducing all enemies' All-Type RES by 10% (25%) until the end of the Ultimate.
    • When any character uses their ability to inflict debuffs on an enemy target, Acheron gains 1 point of Slashed Dream and inflicts Crimson Knot on the enemy target. This effect can be triggered up to 1 time per action. If the ability inflicts debuff on multiple enemies, Crimson Knot will be inflicted on the enemy with the most Crimson Knot stacks.
    • When Acheron is on the battlefield, Crimson Knot on the defeated enemy target will be retargeted to the enemy target with the most Crimson Knot stacks.
  • Technique: Quadrivalent Ascendance
    • Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, Acheron gains 2 point(s) of Slashed Dream and deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies, as well as inflicting 2 stack(s) of Crimson Knot on a single random enemy.
    • If the enemy has Red Karma, they will be immediately defeated and will not enter combat. The Technique Point is not spent if the attack does not hit an enemy.

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HSR Acheron Eidolons

  • Eidolon 1 – CRIT Rate increases by 18% when dealing DMG to debuffed enemies.
  • Eidolon 2 – The number of characters on the Path of Nihility required for the highest value of the Trace, The Abyss, is reduced by 1. At the beginning of Acheron's turn, gain 1 point of Slashed Dream. Additionally, inflict 1 stack of Crimson Knot on an enemy with the most Crimson Knot.
  • Eidolon 3 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 4 – When using the Ultimate, inflicts Ultimate DMG Vulnerability to all enemies, increasing the Ultimate DMG taken by 12%, lasting for 2 turn(s).
  • Eidolon 5 – Unknown at this time
  • Eidolon 6 – The Ultimate's CRIT DMG increases by 60%, and the DMG from Acheron's Basic ATK and Skill will be considered as Ultimate DMG.

HSR Acheron Traces

  • Red Ogre: At the start of battle, immediately gain 4 point(s) of Slashed Dream and apply 4 stack(s) of Crimson Knot to a random enemy.
  • The Abyss: When there are 1/2 other character(s) following the Path of Nihility in the team, increase the DMG of Acheron's Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate to 115%/160% of the original DMG.
  • Thunder Core: When the Ultimate's Rainblade hits an enemy target with Crimson Knot, increase the DMG dealt by Acheron by 30%. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times, lasting for 2 turns.

HSR Acheron Light Cone

Acheron will have a special light cone skill, just like other five-star characters. Her weapon is called Passing Shore, and information regarding her light cone ability has leaked.

“Increases the wearer's CRIT DMG by 36% and inflicts Empty Bubbles on enemies when the character hits them. The effect lasts for a single turn and can be triggered once against each target for every attack from the wielder. The wearer deals 24% more DMG to the afflicted enemy. Additionally, the Empty Bubbles increase the character's Ultimate damage by 24%.”

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In Honkai Star Rail, Acheron's Light Cone appears to be specifically designed for DPS characters. It's important to remember, though, that before the character is formally launched in the game, these features could alter.

In contrast to Kafka, Acheron offers more flexibility with team building and doesn’t require as dedicated a team composition. As long as you include a debuffer for Acheron, you’ll be good to go. This makes Acheron more appealing for new players or those yet to acquire good DoT units such as Black Swan.

All in all, Acheron's banner is very reasonable. It will not only include the formidable Acheron, but it will also contain a rate-up for the recently added 4-star Abundance unit Gallagher. This will definitely catch the attention of players who are searching for the game's masculine characters. Pela is a strong unit that will also appeal to Acheron's banner. With a fantastic DEF decrease debuff, Pela is a fantastic 4-star debuffer who will work well with Acheron's kit.


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