Valorant is coming on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, and more hints game files

New data mined game files hint that Valorant is coming on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and more along with the feature of cross-platform play.

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Valorant is coming on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, and more hints game files

Since its launch in 2020, Valorant has grown to become one of the most well-known first-person shooters on PC thanks to its engaging gameplay and participation in esports events. However, it is a well-known fact that Riot has been attempting to bring Valorant to more platforms. And now new reports suggest that Valorant might be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Steam Deck, which would mean a larger player base.

While there's no official confirmation regarding Valorant's expansion on other platforms, XKLaboratories on X recently data-mined the game's materials and found mentions of other platforms where Valorant is not available at the moment.

You can see that those lines of code, which include labels for "mobile," "desktop," and "console-specific," not only reference a PlayStation and Xbox version but also a Nintendo Switch port. Additionally, mentions of a Linux version and the inclusion of Steam Deck support suggest that a Valorant Steam release is imminent.

What's noteworthy is that since Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, an operating system based on Linux, a release for the title typically is confirmed if it is being converted for Linux-based platforms. Regarding Valorant Switch, it appears improbable that Riot will release Valorant on Nintendo's current system; instead, they might hold off until the launch of their upcoming variant, allegedly called Switch 2.

Not only that but there are hints that Valorant will offer cross-platform play, so players can play with each other on any platform. If so, the same agents, maps, and skin lines will be accessible wherever you play since every platform will be running the same version of the game.

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Well, there have been numerous reports in the past regarding Valorant's release on other platforms. 

Riot Games previously acknowledged that it was taking a while to port Valorant to other platforms due to the developer's unique game engine, but the project is still underway and they are indeed working on a mobile version of Valorant. Furthermore, thanks to the multiple openings that have shown up on Riot job boards in recent years, we are aware that the company has hired the right people to work on a console port of the game.

Well, since no additional information has been reported by other sources, it is currently difficult to verify this information. However, the data emerging from the game files suggests that the release of Valorant on other platforms may not be far off. And if they are successful in this venture, achieving crossplay compatibility across multiple platforms, it would be an impressive achievement for Riot Games.

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