Best XDefiant M44 Loadout - attachments, alternatives, more

Our XDefiant M44 loadout guide will help you use the best of sniper rifle, known for its impressive range and accuracy.

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Best XDefiant M44 Loadout

The M44 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Ubisoft's XDefiant that fires a single, fast-moving bullet that's affected by bullet drop. The M44 has one of the best mobilities among sniper classes and can one-shot targets from close to long-range.

Here's the best XDefiant M44 loadout, including the top attachments to use for long-distance shooting.

Best Xdefiant M44 Loadout

Here are some of the best M44 loadout attachments for XDefiant:

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor / Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel: Heavy Barrel / Lightweight
  • Optics: Variable Zoom Scope / CQBSS (8x) / Sniper Scope (12x)
  • Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped / Quick Draw
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock / Padded

If you want to use the best XDefiant M44 loadout, add the Light Suppressor so you won't show up on the minimap. The Light Suppressor muzzle helps you avoid being automatically detected on the minimap. On the other hand, the Heavy Barrel increases the M44’s firepower at the expense of some mobility. To counteract this, you can use the Leather Wrapped Rear Grip along with the Lightweight Stock for better ADS and movement speed.

Alternatively, the Muzzle Booster increases the rate of fire with limited drawbacks. The Lightweight Barrel significantly improves your ADS time, alongside a slight boost to movement speed. The Quick Draw Rear Grip and Padded Stock make the weapon easier and faster to handle all around.

For optics, you can choose between the Variable Zoom Scope, the CQBSS (8x), or the Sniper Scope (12x) based on your preference and the map you are playing on.

How to unlock XDefiant M44?

The good news is that unlocking the M44 in XDefiant is straightforward and doesn’t require any special challenges or missions.

The M44 is a basic weapon in XDefiant that you can use right from the beginning of the game. This means you can use it straight away, unlike other weapons or attachments, which you’ll need to unlock by grinding weapon levels.

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Best Alternatives for XDefiant M44

If you’re looking for alternatives to the M44 in XDefiant, here are some of the best options:

  1. TAC-50: This sniper rifle is much more reliable for one-shot kills than the M44 without any mods. It’s a great choice for defense on open maps.
  2. SVD: This Marksman Rifle is less powerful than the M44 but offers incredible mobility and a better fire rate. It’s well worth using, especially in situations where mobility is key.
  3. ACR 6.8: This is a versatile alternative to the M44. It’s not a sniper rifle, but it offers a good balance of power, accuracy, and rate of fire.
  4. M4A1: Another non-sniper alternative, the M4A1 is a reliable and well-rounded assault rifle that can be effective at various ranges.
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Remember, this best XDefiant M44 loadout is based on the writer's opinion and your play style and the specific game situation can vary, so can your loadout.

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