Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks - Dragon Riding feature and Xbalanque in 5.x version

A new region called Genshin Impact Natlan might be on its way, and there are rumors that it could feature dragon riding and Xbalanque in version 5.x.

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Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks - Dragon Riding feature and Xbalanque in 5.x version

A popular leaker named Hxg_diluc has shared some juicy details about Natlan, suggesting that in version 5.0, there might be a new way to travel. People think we might get to ride dragons in Natlan. Another source, Uncle Tevyat, has also spilled the beans about Natlan introducing cool stuff to make exploring even better.

Here we will detail all that you need to know about the latest Genshin Impact Natlan leaks and the Dragon Riding feature in 5.x.

Genshin Impact Natlan Leaks: Dragon Riding Feature in 5.x

Natlan is a fiery place known for its dragons and battles. It's expected to be found in the western part of the Sumeru Desert. This area takes inspiration from Spain, West Africa, and ancient Latin American civilizations.

Now, Genshin Impact's trustworthy source, hxg_diluc, has spilled some early info about future updates, suggesting that the upcoming Pyro nation, Natlan might let players ride dragons likely in version 5.x.

We don't know much about it yet, but the rumor says we might learn about dragon-riding in the 4.8 update with Durin.

Remember Durin? He's the dragon who crashed in Dragonspine during the big disaster. Hxg_diluc says Durin might show up in the 4.8 events with Wanderer, Navia, Nilou, and Kirara.

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Moreover, the game developers have already added similar features like Waveriders and Four-Leaf Sigils in the past, so getting the Dragon Riding feature in 5.x is not entirely impossible.

Genshin Impact Natlan Characters: Xbalanque

The latest leaks give a few hints about Xbalanque, a possible new character. The leaks suggest that devs may use the teenage boy model in-game. Moreover, Xbalanque may feature the following design elements:

  • Tanned skin + red hair
  • Tanned skin + white hair
  • White skin + red hair

It'll be interesting to see what HoYoverse does with Xbalanque's design. They might go in a completely different direction like they did with Sethos's design, which changed a lot from the leaks.

Many players are excited about the possibility of exploring Natlan, hoping it will offer something new like underwater exploration did. Developers have hinted at Natlan being a vast and interesting place, possibly even better than the Sumeru Desert. Because of this, it could be a perfect chance to introduce mounts, Dragon Riding features, and new characters in the game.


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