Honkai Star Rail New Characters Revealed During 2.3 Livestream

Honkai Star Rail new characters have been revealed during the version 2.3 Livestream, and all of these might become playable sometime in the future.

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Honkai Star Rail New Characters Revealed During 2.3 Livestream

The latest update for Honkai Star Rail 2.3 has revealed a bunch of new stuff like when it's coming out, which characters will be featured, new quests, events, and more. It's also expected to wrap up the story in Penacony, following on from the previous version’s main story quests.

They spilled the beans on most of this during a livestream on June 7th. We knew about the Honkai Star Rail new characters beforehand, but during the stream, the devs talked about their abilities, confirming a lot of the rumors floating around.

This article is all about breaking down these Honkai Star Rail new character announcements and what they mean for players.

Honkai Star Rail New Characters: Upcoming 5-star and 4-star Revealed

The Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Livestream ended with an exciting announcement: seven new characters are on their way. They're getting ready for the Xianzhou Wardance, a big festival. Here's a list of the characters who will be there:

Xianzhou Yaoqing Delegation

  • Feixiao
  • Jiaoqiu
  • Moze

Xianzhou Zhuming Delegation

  • Huaiyan
  • Yunli

Xianzhou Luofu Delegation

  • Lingsha
  • Legendary new swordmaster (anonymous)

HoYoverse hasn't told us about the last character on the list yet. But from what they've shared, it's obvious she's really good with a sword. We still don't know for sure if all of these people will be playable characters.

We might learn more about these hinted characters in the Honkai Star Rai 2.3 patch. It's set to launch on June 19 on all platforms, just like the game's usual six-week update schedule.

Alongside these characters, Version 2.3 will also introduce a new Trailblaze Mission set on a Penacony airship, concluding the Penacony storyline. There will also be main story quests set on an entirely new map, still within the confines of Penacony.


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