XDefiant Game Mode - Best Loadout For Each Mode

In every XDefiant game mode, you need to have the best loadout to have a smooth journey ahead.

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Best Loadout For Each XDefiant Game Mode

XDefiant is a free-to-play arena shooter where teams, called Defiants, battle it out using intense gunplay, custom loadouts, and specialized factions.

When you're starting out, XDefiant gives you several preset loadouts to choose from. These presets include weapons and gadgets you might not have unlocked yet, making them perfect for beginners. Picking the right loadout is essential for winning and can greatly affect how well you perform in each game mode.

This article will guide you through the best default loadouts for each XDefiant game mode, helping you improve your strategy and enjoy the game more.

Best Loadout For Each XDefiant Game Mode

Here are the best default loadouts for each XDefiant game mode:

XDefiant Escort (Attacking) Mode

In this XDefiant game mode, your team’s objective is to escort a payload across the map within a given time limit. The payload moves when your team members are in close proximity to it, and it stops when the opposing team members are near or when no one is around.

If you're playing to win, it's important for attackers to keep pushing the payload forward. Snipers can be handy for taking out enemies holding back the payload. But for a strong mid-range strategy and grenades, both the Assault and Marksman presets are great choices.

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Frag Grenades scare enemies away from a spot, so players can move the payload without facing resistance. With the Assault Preset, you get the M4A1 Assault Rifle, and with the Marksman Preset, you get the MK 20 SSR. Both guns let you attack while using the payload for cover. In the Phantom faction, you can use shield abilities to safely rush towards the payload. The Assault Rifle Preset also includes the Stim Shot, which can quickly heal you and get you back into the fight.

XDefiant Escort (Defending) Mode

In the Escort game mode, the key to victory lies in controlling the payload. As a defender, your primary objective is to prevent the attacking team from moving the payload to the destination within the given time. You need to use good strategy and your special powers to block the attackers and slow down the payload.

The recommended loadout for defenders in this XDefiant game mode is the LMG Preset. This preset gives players a Light Machine Gun (LMG). This LMG is M249 which is great for shooting lots of bullets continuously to keep the attacking team pinned down. The Echelon faction can hide better while reloading using their Digital Ghillie Suit, which lasts longer than the time it takes to reload.

The LMG Preset also comes with Proximity Mines. You can put these mines in corners or close to the payload to catch the attacking team off guard. When someone from the attacking team gets close to a mine, it blows up, which might get rid of them or at least slow down their progress.

This combination of sustained firepower and area denial makes the LMG Preset a strong choice for defenders in the Escort game mode.

XDefiant Occupy Mode

Occupy is a game mode that combines elements of Zone Control and Domination. The primary objective in this mode is to capture and hold a designated point on the map to accumulate points for your team. You need to stay on your toes because the capture point moves around, so you have to keep adjusting your strategy.

The recommended loadout for this XDefiant game mode is the Shotgun Preset. This preset equips players with the M870, a shotgun that boasts a higher rate of fire compared to the Double Barrel shotgun. This makes it particularly effective in close-quarters combat, which is common when contesting the capture point.

Furthermore, the Shotgun Preset includes Sticky Grenades. You can toss these strategically at spots held by the enemy team. It might help in clearing out defenders, making it simpler for your team to take over that spot. This combination of firepower and tactical utility makes the Shotgun Preset an excellent choice for the Occupy game mode.

XDefiant Zone Control Mode

In Zone Control mode, the objective is to capture and hold zones longer than the opposing team. For this XDefiant game mode, a balanced loadout that offers both offensive and defensive capabilities is recommended.

For your primary weapon, consider a versatile assault rifle that performs well in various combat ranges, such as the M4A1. This weapon offers a good balance of damage, range, and accuracy. Pair this with a secondary weapon like a handgun or a shotgun for close-quarter battles.

For abilities, consider using a deployable shield for defense and a healing ability to sustain your team’s health. The shield can provide cover when capturing or defending a zone, while the healing ability can keep you and your teammates in the fight longer. Remember, teamwork is key in Zone Control mode, so choose abilities that can benefit your entire team.

XDefiant Hot Shot Mode

In Hot Shot, there's a bunch of stuff going on, so remember these tips. You have to knock out enemies on the map and grab a token they drop to score points. But if a rival player grabs the token first, you're outta luck, no points for you.

The first player to snag three enemy tokens becomes the "Hot Shot" and gets faster and stronger. If the Hot Shot gets taken down, they drop three tokens.

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The SMG Preset is the way to go for this XDefiant game mode. It's great for moving around quickly and dealing damage. Plus, you get Flashbang Grenades to stun your enemies and make your escape easier.

XDefiant Domination Mode

In this XDefiant game mode, players need to capture certain spots to earn points for their teams. Unlike Occupy, these spots stay put, and there are always three of them. Being able to move fast between captured and lost spots is crucial to controlling as many as possible and winning.

The best choice for your preset loadout is the SMG Preset. It gives you a lot of mobility with the MP5A2 gun and its Lightweight Barrel. Plus, it's perfect for close combat on the points.

This loadout also includes a Flashbang Grenade, which you can use to disorient enemies on a captured point before you move in to clear it.

Overall, to do well in XDefiant, it's important to know the game modes and pick loadout that fits. Each mode needs a different setup, so choose weapons and abilities that match how you play and the mode's goals. Whether it's Domination, Escort, or Zone Control, the right gear can really help.

But remember, these are just suggestions. Your playstyle and each match's unique factors matter too. So, try out different stuff and see what suits you best for your XDefiant game mode.

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