Rainbow Six Extraction release date revealed

The exact Rainbow Six Extraction release date has possibly been revealed by Ubisoft. 

Rainbow Six Extraction release date
Rainbow Six Extraction release date revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction is fascinating in numerous ways, and one of the reasons is that it is a cooperative first-person shooter game after Left 4 Dead and another factor that makes Rainbow Six Extraction more interesting is its relationship with Rainbow Six Siege.

During the E3 2021 event, Ubisoft revealed the details about the Rainbow Six Extraction including how the game will work, its operators, and much more.

Moreover, rainbow six players were anticipating to explore the new title on the initial Rainbow Six Extraction release date, yet to the fans' disappointment, the Rainbow Six Extraction release date was postponed. 

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However, the game was made available for pre-order prior to the release and now it seems like, Ubisoft has seemingly revealed the exact Rainbow Six Extraction release date.

Rainbow Six Extraction Release Date

At first, the 16th of September 2021 was decided as the Rainbow Six Extraction release date. Nonetheless, after that Ubisoft announced that the Rainbow Six Extraction release was delayed until at some point in January 2022.

However, as per the recently updated Ubisoft’s page for Rainbow Six Extraction, the release date is now scheduled for the 20th of January 2022.

Players should take note that Ubisoft has not made any formal announcement yet from the recently updated blog post of 13 June 2021, it seems like the devs have potentially revealed the release date prior to a proper announcement.

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The pre-order for the new PvE, three-man co-op game began back in July only, with the pre-order bringing lots of rewards for Rainbow Six Siege players. These rewards included:

  • Exclusive United Front Bundle
  • Skins for:
    • Smoke 
    • Pulse
    • Ela
    • Lion
  • 18 Extraction Operators in Siege permanently

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. And regardless of the platform and edition, Rainbow Six Extraction is set to leave a major impact on its players.

Clearly, Rainbow Six fans are excited to explore the game, and waiting for confirmation from Ubisoft. Fans will need to keep a watch out for the upcoming event to get a formal announcement.

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