Overwatch Halloween Terror Event 2021 - skins, start date, rewards, junkenstein revenge mode

Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2021 event has been announced to celebrate the spooky season in the game.

Overwatch Halloween 2021 event
Overwatch Halloween 2021 event

Just like every other gaming organization, Blizzard is also celebrating the Halloween season in the game with Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2021 event.

It is one of the Overwatch events that fans across the globe get amped up for, and Blizzard never disappoints its players with the Halloween Terror event each October, bringing a portion of the game's best skins of a limited time.

This year, i.e., Overwatch's Halloween Terror event 2021 is set to bring back famous Witch Mercy skin along with many other famous skins, and with this spooky event, players will get loads of frightening and enticing cosmetics and rewards. 

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Let's get to know the details of Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2021 event, skins, rewards, cosmetics, and more. 

Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Start Date

Blizzard has officially announced Overwatch's 2021 Halloween Terror started date which is October 12, and the Overwatch Halloween 2021 event will end on November 2. 

Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Skins

Players will get to see various new Legendary skins in the Overwatch 2021 Halloween event. The developers will also drop three new Epics which will probably be accessible by finishing the weekly challenges. Fans are likewise assuming that the new Roadhog clown skin will possibly be Epic skin. 

There will be the return of two famous ski0sn that were part of the 2020 Halloween event, including the frightening Ragdoll Echo and Shin-Ryeong D.Va. Players will once again get to unlock these in the 2021 Overwatch Halloween event.

Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Rewards

Players will need to finish a certain number of dames to unlock Overwatch Halloween rewards. The very first set of rewards will be given after players play the nine games. Overwatch Halloween 2021 rewards are:

  • 9 games - Icon 
  • 18 games - Spray 
  • 27 games - Epic skin. 

Overwatch 2021 Junkenstein's Revenge mode

Blizzard is also bringing the most amazing aspect of Halloween Terror, that is the scary PvE mode - Junkenstein's Revenge, which consistently goes with the creepy festival consistently. 

A small bunch of Overwatch heroes will be accessible to players on the exemplary variant of the mode, hence, players should make certain to choose the best DPS and Supports while facing the Junkenstein's retribution. We have noted a few best supports and DPS that players can pick during the Overwatch 2021 Junkenstein's Revenge mode: 

  1. Zenyatta (The Monk)
  2. Widowmaker (The Countess)
  3. Tracer (A Ghostly Will-O’-The-Wisp)
  4. Torbjorn (The Viking)
  5. Soldier 76 (The Soldier)
  6. McCree (The Gunsliger)
  7. Hanzo (The Archer)
  8. Genji (The Swordsman)
  9. Brigitte (The Shieldmaden)
  10. Baptiste (The Renegade)
  11. Ashe (The Outlaw)
  12. Ana (The Alchemist)

Players will encounter some frightening monsters created by Dr. Junkenstein at various levels and they will need to obliterate waves of Zomnic adversaries to have the option to cross these various levels of Castle Junkenstein.

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There were the complete details about Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 that have been revealed so far. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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