Marvel's new MMORPG is reportedly under development

Marvel's MMORPG is currently under development as per the recent report by a games journalist.

Marvel's MMORPG game
New Marvel's MMORPG game is in development 

Marvel has been doing a great job for a long time and outside of their big-screen control with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the long-showing comic media titan have likewise taken players to storm over the 3 years, with the Spider-Man game

Recently, Marvel launched the Guardians of The Galaxy game, which allows players to take the role of Star-Lord, and form a team of far-fetched heroes. And now it seems like the studio is all set to bring a new MMORPG game for its fans.

Marvel's major titans' games like World of Warcraft and FFXIV Online will now have new competition with this new MMORPG release, and an even more interesting part of this news is that the developers behind the DC Universe Online will probably be working on it. 

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So let's get to know what has been revealed so far about the upcoming Marvel's MMORPG game.

Marvel's new MMORPG game

In the midst of plenty of declarations for future games like Insomniac's standalone Wolverine, it appears as though Marvel Entertainment is likewise working with Dimensional Ink Studios to bring a new Marvel MMORPG game.

This secretive project was first founded in the game files, which has now been pointed out by @mmmmmmmmiller, a Games Journalist. Miller likewise claimed that EG7 is also associated with the project who has worked with DC Universe Online co-publisher Daybreak Games. 

Other than EG7, we will also see the involvement of Jack Emmert, the Lead Director of DC Universe Online. Even though we have seen various sections into the MMORPG type, yet DC Universe Online genuinely permitted players to understand their creative minds. 

We had City of Heroes, Champions Online, and Valiance Online giving their special interpretation of MMORPG, yet fans can hope for more from the upcoming Marvel game that has been termed as a long-term project by the team.

The "unannounced AAA Marvel MMO" previously appeared in the GeForce Now leak, which was previously canceled in 2018 as the studio faced financial hardships. However, EG7, the DCUO/Everquest devs' parent company released their Q3 '21 financials and confirmed the upcoming Marvel MMORPG game.

The game is clearly releasing and the devs are surely working on it, however, fans can only expect to get more substantial data and videos or trailers of Dimensional Ink Studios' Marvel MMORPG only after 2023.

These were the complete details about the upcoming Dimensional Ink Studios' Marvel MMORPG game.

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